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Behind the scenes – 3 tiger brothers move to new huge habitat!



Can you imagine the joy of finally living ‘wild at heart’ in a huge habitat, instead of a small cage where you spent the first six years of your life?

Today, you don’t have to imagine.

You can watch the first moments brothers Dimitri, Griffen and Zeke spent checking out their new home, as well as their new interesting tiger neighbors – Caesar and Logan next door:

Thank you to all who’ve helped so much in making this day possible for Dimitri, Zeke and Griffin!

Their rescue story 

Born at a private zoo, these three brothers and other cubs were torn from their mother when they were just a few days old.  From the information provided, they were put in a small room with large windows on two sides so the public could watch them – for an entry fee.

After a few weeks, they were picked up and passed around to paying visitors. All the visitors wanted was their picture taken with a cub.  All these cubs wanted was to sleep or nurse and be with their mother. Instead, they were passed from person to person as a photo prop.

This was their life.  They were pay-to-play cubs.  At only a few weeks old, cubs like these boys turn a profit for private zoos that offer cub petting exhibits.

You can read more about their rescue HERE.

The best way to help

Supporting 3 large male tigers for life is a HUGE financial commitment. Especially when the average tiger lives 20 years and it costs as much as $10,00o each year to properly care for each tiger!

If you haven’t given yet, now’s the BEST time during our MIRACLE MATCH campaign! Donations are being doubled HERE (up to $72,000 through April 30th)

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