Be part of our BIG PLANS for the cats in 2018!


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So, what do we want to accomplish together in 2018?  Take a look!  You can make these miracles happen!

Construction for the cats is our biggest focus for next year.

  • Over 23 bobcats need to be moved to other areas of the sanctuary to allow for demolition and construction of the new Wildcat Pines area of the sanctuary for 23 bobcats and one lynx.
    • Expansion of perimeter fence to accommodate the new area
    • Removing all old habitats, platforms and dens
    • Excavation of the area
    • Construction of the new temperature-controlled central animal building
    • Rebuild roofed habitats that are larger and taller
    • Install vertical cat walk systems, giving them double the space to explore
    • Install platform systems, caves and other areas to explore
  • Our largest initiative is the build out of the new multi-acre lion habitats and co-habitational central animal building. This is a large investment and will need YOUR support, as well as that of others, to make this happen.  We are currently trying to help lions in need and bring them to TWS.


Hospital & Vet Care

  • The hospital will receive a mini-renovation for more efficiency until the Animal Care Center can be designed and constructed in the coming years. A new x-ray stand, animal scale and other equipment will be purchased to complete the onsite hospital.
  • Cataract surgery will give Cookie her sight back.
  • Wellness exams and spays will take place on current and new residents.


  • An SUV or truck is needed for daily supply and food runs and cross-country rescues. The vehicle will need to pull our rescue trailers. New mowers are also needed to maintain the habitats and grounds.
  • Ongoing maintenance is always necessary; including new siding on the current intern bunkhouse, concrete ramps for animal buildings to move transport crates, tiger pool repairs, etc.

Working Together

  • The sanctuary will grow its internship program to support animal care and educate future animal advocates.
  • The sanctuary will recruit and engage specialized volunteers to help with graphic design, video, building design, veterinary assistance and small hybrid cat care. Volunteers will also be utilized for events, gardens and onsite construction.  Our goal is to invite AmeriCorps for two sessions, contributing over 5,000 hours towards habitat construction and grounds maintenance.
  • Contribute to the Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance. Director, Tammy Thies will continue to serve on the events, advocacy and rescue committees.  TWS will continue to support the passage of the Big Cat Public Safety Act.
  • TWS will continue to mentor smaller sanctuaries in operations, construction and fundraising.

Building for our Future

  • Plan and design of Animal Care Center to be constructed over the next 5 years. This will expand our hospital for better use of space and safe viewing areas that can be used for veterinary training. We acquired a new digital X-ray that can also be used in the field! This building will also host our animal care staff, overnight staff, volunteer area, and provide more education and training opportunities. Moving the hospital to this new building will allow us to expand our food preparation and animal supply storage.
  • Begin planning Hybrid Haven renovation. Many of the hybrid habitat areas were damaged by a snow storm in 2013.  Temporary fixes were made for safety, but several habitats need to be torn down and rebuilt for long-term sustainability.

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