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Caretaker For A Day experience



What’s it really like to win a CARETAKER EXPERIENCE at The Wildcat Sanctuary?

Some of our previous winners couldn’t wait to share their thoughts with us!

Caretaker Experience – Mary from Massachusetts

“My caretaker experience was definitely a once in a lifetime chance I was so fortunate to win!!

I would’ve donated on GIVE TO THE MAX DAY anyway, (especially knowing my donation was matched) but to have a chance to win this experience was just an incredible, mind-blowing opportunity!

I was so surprised and excited when I learned I won the contest. I spent most of the day at work crying every time I thought about it!

My favorite thing was watching the tigers and leopard being fed in their indoor areas! Being in their presence truly blew my mind. I was completely in awe and could’ve stood there all day staring at them!

My least favorite thing was hearing some of their histories and seeing all of the meds and supplements necessary to try to reduce pain and combat the bodily injuries the cats have due to neglect at their previous homes.

Some of the damage done to them cannot be reversed. But at least they’re in the least amount of pain due to the excellent care they receive. It’s comforting to know they’re now receiving the best possible care and that it’s ongoing as they live out the rest of their lives.

Meeting the staff was really great. Everyone is nice and so caring and professional!

I feel it’s our duty to do what we can to support this organization so they can continue to provide this excellent care for these cats. It makes me feel great knowing that any bit I can contribute will make a difference!”

Caretaker Experience – Susan from California

“I want to thank you for the awesome experience. I am truly impressed with the sanctuary and even more impressive are the people working there.

I feel I am a pretty good judge of character and everyone I met was kind, extremely knowledgeable, and welcoming. I was very happy to find out that my perception of the sanctuary from Facebook was totally correct!

The care given to the cats is beyond reproach. It is never forgotten that the cats are individuals, each with particular needs. They are treated as family members as well as respected as apex predators.

One thing that can’t really be seen through video and posts is the respect for you that your employees and interns have. It makes sense…the personality of an organization comes from the top. You run the sanctuary with love and that was abundantly obvious during my visit. 

Everyone was wonderful, of course, but in particular, Allie, Rio and Judson were great to work with. They took excellent care of me and were very accommodating with regards to seeing particular cats and the enrichment I wanted to use, etc. They made my experience that much more satisfying (I wouldn’t have even thought that was possible!).

I know for sure that if I lived in the area, I would be volunteering all the time! I will continue to support TWS as I have been and spread the word about the great work you all do. 

Please let everyone know how much I appreciate every one of them. Their hard work does not go unnoticed. They were thanking me for being a supporter but the thanks should go to you all. 

Oh, and two words about the cats…holy crap!!! lol They are such gorgeous creatures. I felt so special to be in their presence, even getting a few chuffs and hisses directed at me!

I saw firsthand that they are all in excellent health, physically and mentally, and that touched my heart deeply. I understand how you feel, wanting to save every one of them in the world. I’m right there with you!

Thank you again for this experience. I will always treasure the memories.”

Caretaker Experience –  Michele from Utah

“I won the 2021 Caretaker Experience. I wasn’t able to attend in person (which would have been amazing!), however, I was able to see the cats on a private Zoom call. Judson took me on a wonderful tour. It was both informative and fun!

I met Tiger, a bengal cat that I used to sponsor.  He’s a very engaging fellow! Then, we spent time with a few of my favorites – Shadow, Dash and a few others. We also visited the memorial plaque for Shanti Deva in the Memorial Gardens.

I appreciate everything that everyone does for the cats, and I really enjoyed my virtual Caretaker Experience!”

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