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As recent escapes show, scaly exotic pets pose dilemmas

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They’re not cuddly. And cute is in the eye of the beholder, of course. But the very idea of keeping animals such as boa constrictors and alligators as pets brings confused reactions from most folks, who much prefer their dogs and cats. Maybe a hamster or an aquarium of...

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Boas, Chimps or Tigers: Wild Animals Are Not Pets

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Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO, Humane Society of the United States   |   August 13, 2013 04:40pm ET Wayne Pacelle is the president and chief executive officer of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). This Op-Ed first appeared on the...

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Exotic animal found after Mequon police respond to reports of ‘unusual cat’

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July 30, 2013 Mequon police who responded to reports of an "unusual looking cat" in the 11000 block of North Kensington Drive last week discovered the creature was actually a serval, classified as an exotic animal, purchased in Kentucky. According to the police...

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Lion Ark – documentary about 25 lions rescued from circus in Bolivia

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Lion Ark is coming. Spread the word – SHARE NOW. When Bolivia banned the use of animals in circuses people thought that was it but the circuses simply defied the law. Lion Ark is a feature length documentary of how one by one the circuses were tracked down by Animal...

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Tiger Skeletons Seized at Prague Airport

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Tiger Skeletons Seized at Prague Airport PRAGUE — Czech officials say airport customs authorities have seized the skeletons of two endangered tigers believed to be destined for the black market in the Far East. Customs Office spokeswoman Sarka Miskovska says a sniffer dog...

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Wondering where the lions are in Minnesota?

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Dave Larson was hunting coyotes with his two hounds Jan. 23 south of Osakis, Minn., when the dogs picked up the tracks of a mountain lion. There’d been reports of a cat in the area since November, and a buddy of Larson’s, who also hunts with hounds, had treed the lion...

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What to do if you come upon a mountain lion VIDEO

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VIDEO REPORT AT: http://www.krdo.com/news/More-mountain-lions-hunting-in-Colo-Springs/-/417220/18991234/-/yjf4rc/-/index.html Reports of mountain lion sightings are increasing in Colorado Springs, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Michael Seraphin said residents need to be...

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Nebraska considering hunt to thin growing mountain lion population

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Photo courtesy of Carla Goranson A mountain lion lounges in a tree at a Kimball residence in August 2012.  The increasing mountain lion population in the state could lead Nebraska Game and Parks to authorize a limited hunting season for the big cats. Last...

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Traps catch lion, then ranger on Glacier Park boundary

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A mountain lion caught recently in a wolf foothold trap set on the southwestern boundary of Glacier National Park was turned loose by state wildlife officials, but the National Park Service employee who discovered the animal and reported it to game wardens was caught the...

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Sounds of the Sanctuary – MN Public Radio

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by Marc Sanchez, Minnesota Public Radio October 15, 2010 Sandstone, Minn. — When people think of all the animals that call Minnesota home - bears, deer, rabbits, loons - most tend to leave out the African cats. Lions, tigers, and leopards are a few of the breeds housed...

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