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Cats in Crisis Challenge Grant!



7/17/23 Update:

Thank you all who helped us purchase much needed equipment for Cats in Crisis like Lucy and Violeta.

Your generosity helped us buy:

  • Customized transport trailer
  • Brush hog for clearing brush
  • Istat mobile blood machine
  • Onsite storage crate dedicated to crisis response equipment
  • Water storage containers, pumps and hoses
  • Dens and kennels
  • heaters, fans, straps, tarps, extension cords
  • emergency vehicle equipment and more!!!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  We are hoping to secure funding for the rescue van in the near future!

Will you help cats in crisis like Violeta?
CHALLENGE GRANT – Your donation will be DOUBLED!

Each cat who arrives at the sanctuary has their own unique story.  More and more are arriving from the exotic trade, both in the United States and abroad.  Each of them deserves rescue.

Double My Donation Here!

Tigress Violeta is 17 years old. She was seized by the Directorate of Natural Resources in Argentina after being illegal owned by a citizen.  Violeta doesn’t have claws and has an apparent dislocation in one of her hind limbs.  She lives alongside another tigress, Lucy.

I was shocked when I received the request to help them. Both were still living at the Mendoza Zoo. Lions Chupino and Saltena, who we previously rescued, came from that same facility.

They’ve been trying to find placement for these tigers since 2016 and have not been successful.

I said yes immediately! And we’ve begun the long process of bringing both tigresses to our sanctuary.

More and more, we’re asked to help in large-scale and international rescues. We’ve also been called upon to help other animal facilities during crises and disasters.

Now more than ever, we need to purchase a customized trailer to accommodate big cat airline crates. It will increase our capacity for transporting big cats across the United States, too.  Could you help today?

Double My Donation Here!

Now thru July 15th, a generous donor has offered a $30,000 challenge grant to help more cats in crisis, just like Violeta.

Our donor is challenging you—our supporters—to donate $30,000 toward a customized rescue trailer.

Then, he’ll then match $30,000 towards critical equipment and supplies so we can help cats in crisis anywhere under any circumstance.

Every $25, $50 and $100 means so much. Our goal is to raise the $30,000 by July 15th—will you help us, Violeta and Lucy?

Double My Donation Here!

Your support offers cats in crisis a new lease on life.  Whether it’s a new rescue, assisting in transport to another sanctuary, or responding to a crisis, your help saves lives!

When we have over 130 lives on the line, we need to always be in a state of readiness.  Did you know that every $1 invested in preparedness saves $6-8 during a response?  Will you help us be prepared to keep them safe no matter the circumstance?

What will the $30,000 Challenge Grant do?

  • Ensure the safety of the cats at the sanctuary.
  • Enable us to assist in large-scale and international rescues.
  • Allow us to deploy during a disaster to help other sanctuaries.

Our goal is to raise over$200,000 for specialized equipment, supplies and improvements!

Double My Donation Here!

Visit our Amazon wish list of other needed crisis response equipment HERE! This includes dog kennels, dens, generators, water pumps, mobile heaters and more.

(c) Violeta and Lucy photos provided by Enfoque Animal.

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