Couple Hospitalized After Playing With Lion Cub

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Two white lion cubs at Ukutula Lion Park and Lodge.

A South African couple has been hospitalized after what they were hoping to be just a fun play date with a lion cub. Manie and Angelique Visser were in the process of purchasing a lion cub around a year old from Willie Jacobs when Angelique was bit on the leg and Manie sustained bite wounds all over his body. This was reportedly not the first lion they have owned.

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Jacobs’ response was, “I wasn’t here on Sunday but it sounds as if the lion wanted to play with Visser and the woman with him but a lion’s claws and teeth are sharp and they don’t know their own strength.”

Willie Jacobs and his wife own Ukutula Lion Park and Lodge near Johannesburg where, in addition to selling cubs, they breed white lions and allow visitors of all ages to take pictures and interact with the lions for a fee.

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The Vissers remain in stable condition.


photo credit: Matthew Tobaccos/Barcroft Medi

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