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Creating WILD SPACES for rescued bobcats!


Tractor the bobcat, a former wild pet

Help us renovate Wildcat Pines – our bobcat area at The Wildcat Sanctuary!

We have big plans for our rescued bobcats and you can be a part of this special project!

Wildcat Pines was the first area built when we moved to the site in 2006.  It currently utilizes insulated and heated den boxes for native species such as bobcats and one Canada Lynx. The new design will include roofed habitats with more vertical space. No shared walls allows moreHaley the bobcat flexibility for non-socialized cats. They’ll all have access to a permanent, indoor temperature-controlled animal building.

We feel strongly that the small cats at our sanctuary should receive the same WILD SPACE as the big cats enjoy!  You’ve already helped us build free-roaming habitats with pools, perches, caves and more for our rescued cougars, leopards, tigers and lions.  Now YOU can show the same love for the bobcats, too!

Did you know Wildcat Pines is currently home to 23 bobcats?  This new area will accommodate them and one Canada Lynx, Shalico. We have other lynx in our Feline Meadows and Cougar Cove areas.

It will provide more vertical space so cat walk systems can be installed, giving them double the space to explore.  It will also provide indoor heated rooms so, as they age, they can still live a compassionate and comfortable life.  Each habitat will be a minimum of 1800 square feet per bobcat, plus additional vertical and indoor space.

In many facilities the funding goes to the big cats! But here at the Sanctuary, we believe EVERY cat is just as special and deserving – no matter the size.

What is the plan for Wildcat Pines?

Cost include materials only. Volunteer labor can begin on the outdoor habitat construction before the central animal building is built (similar to Feline Meadows). Structural integrity is critical for safety. That is why this service is hired out to a licensed welder. We aim to keep as much wetland for native wildlife in the area as we can.

Total Project:$218,700


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