Diablo Guapo moves into his new habitat at The Wildcat Sanctuary

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This has already been an exciting new year for Diablo Guapo, the jaguar.  He was recently moved and released into a larger, new habitat built especially for him in the Wild Woodlands area of the Sanctuary.

As you may remember, Diablo Guapo was declawed on all four paws by his first owner.  This was done in an attempt to make him “safer” since he was being used for television exhibition.  He’s older now and, unfortunately, suffers from painful arthritis.  This new habitat gives him the option of two warm, indoor heated rooms to enjoy when the weather turns colder.

Diablo_DSC_0032_LRIn the winter, Diablo Guapo chooses to spend more time inside, so our staff caters to his needs by giving him indoor enrichment as well as shoveling paths and perches outdoors for him.  He ventures out when the weather is nice, as you see in these photos.

As always, Diablo Guapo showed his calm, cool personality when he was released into his new home.  On the other hand, Nikita, the tigress next door, was just the opposite.  She was so excited to see him.  We can only imagine what she was wondering when she looked over to see this strange black cat wandering by!

Soon, Diablo Guapo’s buddy Shazam will be moving into the new habitat being built for him next door.  We hope you enjoy these photos of Diablo Guapo.  Be sure to stay tuned for more excitement when Shazam, the black leopard, moves in!






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