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Doc_Titan pawsIf you own a pet, you know how quickly medical expenses add up. When they’re young, there’s the cost of spaying/neutering and vaccinations. As they age, there’s the cost of the typical aches, pains, and diseases associated with growing old.

The expenses we face for our wild cats are substantial. Most have survived lives of neglect, abuse, and malnutrition. They haven’t been lucky enough to experience quality medical care their entire lives – until now.

Treating and rehabilitating these animals, some needing long-term special care, can easily become financially overwhelming – if not for the generosity of our supporters. We must raise money to cover the daily out-of-pocket medical expenses and veterinary care. Your gift can help honor those who have passed and care for those who call TWS home.

Through our Memorial Medical Fund, there are many ways you can help us keep an eye on their well-being:

  • As our population grows older like Layla the tiger, your donations will help provide the pain medication and supplements the cats need to continue enjoying a good quality of life.
  • Our new rescues will receive the vaccines, microchips, blood work, and lab tests that will allow them to transition from quarantine to large, free roaming habitats with our other residents.
  • Our special needs cats – like Morocco the serval, who is in need of Vitamin B for his thiamine deficiency – will receive the expensive, daily medications they need to survive.
  • Dental care is seen as a luxury that most exotic owners don’t provide. That’s why our rescues come to us suffering from painful dental disease that affects their overall health and well-being. Dental equipment is expensive – but critical – in order to assure a pain free life for cats like Titan the tiger.
  • Though we have an on-site hospital, funds are needed to pay for the anesthesia, the X-Ray machine chemicals, the maintenance of the hospital equipment, etc.

It all adds up so quickly! Won’t you help us today by donating whatever you can for their care?


Also, learn more about our efforts to upgrade the Scarlet Veterinary Center.


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