Driveway Cats art event – a fun way to sponsor a cat at The Wildcat Sanctuary

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We love to share stories about our sponsors, especially when they come to us in such inventive ways!driveway cats 4

Take Dave Witte and his wife April Vlar.  They came up with a really original idea about how to raise money to help support a cat at The Wildcat Sanctuary.  Calling their eventDRIVEWAY CATS,’ they posted it on Facebook and invited their friends to come over and do chalk drawings of cats on their driveway. Here’s what Dave and April shared on their Facebook Event page:

DRIVEWAY CATS is for the purpose of sponsoring a Big Cat for a year at The Wildcat Sanctuary:

1. There will be 50 4×4 spaces for you to draw a Cat in chalk on our driveway at our home. Address will be provided via email when you sign up.
2. We are capping this at 50 spaces. Send an email to …….. to reserve a spot. Please put DRIVEWAY CATS in the subject field.
3. Spaces cost $10 to participate and if you’ve got a softer spot, feel free to add more, as it costs $600 to sponsor a big cat.
4. You will receive an email with a designated space number.
5. Each Cat will be photographed and a Tumblr page will be made, displaying your Cat masterpiece to the world.
6. It gets better….Strangeways Brewing is donating a keg of their wonderful Wampus Cat Triple IPA to enhance your art skills.
7. Beer People, bring a bottle to share 😉
8. Bring your own snacks/food.

driveway cats 2To see all the photos from this awesome event, visit the funny and creative Tumblr page they set up HERE.  Photographer Stephen Salpukas was kind enough to donate his time to document the event with his wonderful photography.

When we asked Dave how they came up with such a fun idea, he explained, “Basically the event came about this way.  We (April & I) were minding her cousins’ children for an evening, they brought some chalk and just started drawing.  I drew a Cat and everyone was drawing cats after that.  The following day Kate & Tom (who hold the annual Driveway cats 5benefit Lions, Tigers & Beers in Chicago for The Wildcat Sanctuary) came to visit and just looking around at the chalk drawings with them there, kinda spawned the cat lightbulb to go off, since their event is so great and inspirational. I leisurely asked my friend Lars at Strangeways  Brewing about donating a keg of Wampus Cat beer for the event, not thinking much about it. A few days later, Lars called and said we’re good to go on the Wampus Cat keg and that’s when we knew it was on/became serious about it.”

They all had a great time that day and Ekaterina, our tigress, was the lucky girl they chose to sponsor for a year with the proceeds from the event.  Of course, being quite the ‘artiste’ herself, she was really happy to be their first choice!


Now it’s up to you to come up with a cool idea like ‘Driveway Cats’ and share it with us!!

Find out more about our sponsorship program HERE

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