Josie_cougar_hammockThe Wildcat Sanctuary strives to be as green as possible. Our message keeping the wild in your heart, not your home not only talks to wild animals as pets but respecting wildlife in its natural environment.

The Cats

In addition to providing green wild spaces for the residents, much of our enrichment items for the animals are made from recycled material including plastic jugs, phone books, paper towel rolls, cardboard boxes, newspaper and retired fire hose.  All of the cats receive the perfect lounging hammocks made out of retired fire hose.

We do not use toxic chemicals on-site as it is vital for the Sanctuary to provide a healthy and sustainable environment in which our residents live. In addition, we use biodegradable garbage bags whenever possible.

The caretakers use scrap fencing and recycled coffee burlap bags to make temperature controlled caves for all the animals.  Any remaining fence materials are brought to the scrap metal recycling plant.

The People

We encourage carpooling for all volunteers and staff. Our on-site recycling program includes plastic, aluminum, steel, glass, cardboard and office paper.

We use donated recycled office equipment, such as chairs, copiers and computers, in the administrative part of running the Sanctuary.

Even our x-ray machine in the hospital was donated after an organization went digital.

The Sanctuary underwent an energy audit to learn how we can conserve more energy.  We’ve implemented several improvements by using power strips, turning off lights and changing all of our light bulbs.

Our memorial benches are from By The Yard and made of recycled milk jugs.

Room for Improvement

The Wild Cat Sanctuary continues to look at ways we can expand our eco-friendly efforts.  We have been looking into alternative energy like solar panels as well as composting animal feces and hay.