Geoffroy’s Cat

Common Name(s): Geoffroy’s Cat,
Geoffroy’s Ocelot
Scientific Name: Felis [Leopardus] Geoffroyi
Weight: 6 pounds
Head/Body: 20 inches
Tail: 12 inches
Subspecies: 5
Gestation: ~71 days
Status: Endangered
Estimated World Population: ~10,000
The Geoffroy’s cat is a small cat with a well-proportioned body and head. Its coat varies from silver grey to ocher and is covered all over with equally-placed small dark brown or black spots. On the shoulders and flanks of some individuals the spots may merge to form rosettes or bars. 

The Geoffroy’s cat may be found in the open brush-lands and scrub of South America south of the Amazon basin and East of the Andes, where it hunts by night, from the ground, and seeks small mammals and birds.

The Geoffroy’s cat is an exceptionally mild-tempered cat, and has been bred with the domestic cat in an effort to produce a tame but wild-looking hybrid.