Iberian Lynx

Common Name(s): Iberian Lynx,
Spanish Lynx
American Scientific Name: Lynx pardinus
Weight: 20-30 pounds
Gestation: ~approximately 60 days
Status: CITES: Appendix I. IUCN: Endangered.
The Iberian Lynx is about half the size of the Eurasian Lynx, but looks very similar. They have a brownish-grey to yellowish red coat, with sharply contrasting black spots and stripes and a white underside. They have long tufts on their ears and especially long whiskers. Wild rabbits are their main prey, but they also hunt other small mammals and birds.

The Iberian lynx was formerly found throughout Spain and Portugal. However they are currently found mainly in the southern Iberian Peninsula.

“The Iberian lynx is rated as the most endangered cat species in the world because of its low total numbers, the fragmentation and limited number of habitats it uses and its small range. (Cat News 1998)”