Leopard Cat

Common Name(s): Leopard Cat, Bengal Cat
Scientific Name: Felis [Prionailurus] Bengalensis
Weight: 7-15 pounds
Head/Body: 25-32 inches
Tail: 10-14 inches
Subspecies: 7
Gestation: ~68 days
Status: 1 subspecies endangered
Estimated World Population: ~1,000,000

The leopard cat is cat sized and shaped, with a well-balanced carriage and build. Its coat varies in ground color from grey to red with white or very light underparts. It is randomly patterned with dark brown or black spots over its entire body. Its head has strong black and white striped markings.

The leopard cat may be found all over southern and central Asia from India to the Philippines, Mongolia, Manchuria, Siberia and Japan, where it hunts by night or day, from trees, and seeks game birds, fish, squirrels, hares, and other small animals.