Pampas Cat

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Common Name(s): Pampas Cat, Grass Cat
Scientific Name: Felis [Lynchailurus] Colocolo
Weight: 8-14 pounds
Head/Body: 24 inches
Tail: 12 inches
Subspecies: 7
Gestation: Unknown
Status: Unknown
Estimated World Population: No information available

The pampas cat is a small cat, about the size of a domestic cat, with a broad face and large pointed ears. Its coat varies from a silvery grey, through all tones of yellow and yellowish-brown, to a light brown, with the flanks, legs, and tail banded with a darker variation of the body color. 

The pampas cat may be found in the open grasslands and high pampas of southern South America east of the Andes, where it hunts by night, from the ground, and seeks birds, cavies and other small animals.