Exotic animals needlessly and tragically killed at Colorado facility

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May 5, 2017 Update

YOUR VOICES HAVE BEEN HEARD!! Steve Oberholtzer (Special Agent in Charge for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) in Colorado) contacted us personally. He told me his special agents are investigating this incident and will document whether unlawful acts did or did not occur. He has received hundreds of emails from concerned, outraged, and frustrated persons. The volume of emails has been impressive. Now it is imperative he focus on overseeing and facilitating this and other wildlife investigations. Therefore, we ask that the public withhold further emails at this time. When their investigation is concluded, we will be notified of the findings and/or any actions. Thank you for speaking out on behalf of the animals!!!!!


The Wildcat Sanctuary was shocked to hear that Lions Gate owners in Colorado have apparently killed all the animals at their facility. After losing a request to relocate, it’s reported that owners chose to have each animal killed and buried on property instead.


The Wildcat Sanctuary in Minnesota has a long history dealing with this facility. Formerly known as Prairie Winds, five wild cats have been rescued in the past from them by The Wildcat Sanctuary. These have included jaguar Diablo Guapo, lynx George and Kajeeka, cougar Yuma, and bobcat Cooter.

What makes this even more shocking is The Wildcat Sanctuary has been very vocal in their search for lions in need of placement or rescue. In particular, the sanctuary has been seeking an elderly lion to provide company for their female lioness Shanti Deva who lost her pride over the past few years.

Having just absorbed over 100 exotic animals from a failed facility in Colorado, the network of accredited and reputable sanctuaries in the US has shown that there are always other options. The Wildcat Sanctuary was never contacted. Had they been, these animals would have been rescued and placed. If it was safe to relocate them to another county, it was certainly an option to relocate them to other sanctuaries.

Executive Director Tammy Thies said, “This tragedy was a selfish move by these private owners and had nothing to do with the welfare of the animals.  Our heart breaks knowing these were senseless deaths of animals that deserved so much more compassion.”

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