Federal Exotic Animal Rules Could Be Changing, Big Cats Arrive at The Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone, MN

Arriving at The Wildcat Sanctuary

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Tuesday two wild cats arrived in Sandstone, Minnesota from Ohio. A white bengal tiger named Nikita and a cougar named Tasha had to travel 28 hours from Ohio to The Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone.

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This morning, the cats were wary of their new surroundings but the sanctuary’s founder, Tammy Theis says she expects Nikita and Tasha to adjust in just a few days.

They were taken this weekend from two private owners in Ohiowho couldn’t provide the animals with enough space.

“Minnesota does have a state law banning possession of big cats as pets. Ohio doesn’t and unfortunately we saw what tragedy occurs when there isn’t legislation on the books back in Zanesville when over 50 tigers were let loose and killed,” said Thies.

Ohio is trying to adopt tighter exotic animal laws, after 50 exotic animals escaped from a private owner in October in Zanesville, Ohio . Police had to shoot and kill the wild animals to protect the public.

Theis says after the Zanesville massacre, new federal legislation has also been introduced that would ban private ownership of big cats. Today Ohio legislators were debating a ban on new ownership of exotic animals that’s being considered by a state senate panel.

The proposed regulations would force current owners to get a permit, insurance and pass background checks.

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