Four bobcats in immediate need of our help

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Recently, we received a call from a Minnesota owner of four bobcats looking to relinquish them. His 3-year old granddaughter had a very close call while near one of the cages and the owner was also scratched severely, requiring stitches. We don’t have much more information, other than the fact that his family convinced him to reach out to The Wildcat Sanctuary in order to spare the animals’ lives.

Our immediate concern is for the safety of this family, as well as that of these bobcats. We don’t have any empty habitats at the moment, but are busily erecting temporary enclosures in order to accept them.

Obviously, this is an unexpected expense, having four more animals to feed and provide health care for. But, especially since this is a Minnesota case, we felt an obligation to step up and provide refuge for these bobcats in order to save their lives.

Would you consider stepping up for them, too? You can help us rescue these four bobcats by donating here.

Right now, we’re busy making arrangements and preparations to bring them here to the Sanctuary. Please stay tuned, though, as we’ll be posting more information very soon.

What do these four bobcats have in common with our current TWS residents?

Receiving so many calls on bobcats and lynx that need a home is heartbreaking. But when the majority of the cats originate from one infamous breeder in Montana, it is an outrage.

The Montana breeder touts on their website that they have been selling kittens since 1985 for as much as $1,750 and will ship anywhere, apparently, with no questions asked as long as the buyer can pay. Many of the city and states they are being sold to have laws and ordinances that make it illegal to own wild cats, but still nothing has been done.

These four bobcats being surrendered to TWS, along with at least seven of our current residents were sold by this breeder but were lucky enough to find refuge at TWS. Unfortunately, dozens of others have not been so fortunate.

TWS residents that were sold by this same breeder and are pictured above include:

  • Baby Jenga, a bobcat kitten sold at 3 weeks old, under the legal age to be shipped and had swelling of the brain
  • Maya a bobcat kitten who had bone fractures throughout her body only lived a short life
  • Nikko a bobcat sold to a couple to keep as a pet in their suburban home and has had neurological issues
  • Ramsey the lynx who was living in a high-rise condo in a downtown area on the east coast where he had no access to the outdoors
  • Athena sold as a pet to an owner who could no longer control her in California
  • Shalico the lynx who came from a college student living in a dorm where a second lynx was suffering severe seizures
  • Makisha the bobcat went through two owners before making her way to The Wildcat Sanctuary

How many more have to go through a similar fate? Until there is a federal law that prohibits the breeding and selling of wild cats as pets, we need your help to save them.


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