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$250,000 MATCH – The New Animal Care Center


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A $250,000 MATCH!!  Double Your Donation TODAY!

The future is uncertain for so many right now. But 117 rescued cats living at the sanctuary rely on YOU for their future.  And I know you won’t let them down.

To ensure the future of our residents and those still in need, founding members have come together to offer the BIGGEST match in our history. Each donation will be DOUBLED up to $250,000! That means your gift of $250 becomes $500!

Before arriving at the sanctuary, a tiger like Mohan only knew crippling pain. He’d suffered for years without the medical care he so obviously needed. But that changed once he arrived here.

Mohan’s customized pain management plan costs over $1,200 a month.  But it’s worth it to see Mohan play with toys, chuff as he walks along the fence, and nap in the shaded grass.  His medical story also helps other tigers with similar conditions live a more comfortable life now.

When you donate TODAY, you donate life!  Even $50 becomes $100, thanks to this match.

What will your life-saving donation towards our new Animal Care & Education Center provide?

  • An intake exam for a rescued tiger beginning his new life at the sanctuary.
  • Life-saving quarantine space for new rescues in need.
  • Emergency surgery for current residents, like leopard Shadow.
  • Training of future wild animal caretakers, veterinarians and veterinary technicians through our surgery viewing room, providing better lives for all animals.
  • The possibility of saving a struggling wild cat in another facility by easily accessing our medical treatments and case studies.
  • Inspiring a student to dedicate her/his life to save wildlife through our distance learning lab.
  • Motivating legislatures to put an end to the exploitation of big cats through our advocacy programs.

Your gift TODAY does so much more than just saving a single life.  It will continue to save lives for years to come.  Our goal is to meet the $250,000 match by September 15th.  Will you help?

With roadside zoos and other facilities impacted by the pandemic, I know we’ll see an influx of big cats needing medical attention and a forever home.  This important project allows us to say YES now and provide medical care far into their geriatric years.

Please make your life saving gift today when it will go twice as far! Tigers like Mohan know compassion now because of those like you.  And there are so many others who deserve that, too. Thank you for giving them this chance.

Gifts of $300 or more get included in the TWS Time Capsule!

How many people can say they’ve personally contributed to a Time Capsule?  Now, you can!

What message do you have for those in the future? Who would you like fondly remembered then? How have animals, and those you’ve helped rescue, changed YOUR life?

Once your gift is processed, we’ll send you an email to submit a letter-size document (front and back) with whatever text or photos you’d like to preserve for future generations.

Your letter will be transferred to archival paper, placed in a sheet protector, and put into the Time Capsule in our Animal Care Center, to be opened in 2030.

Thank you for helping leave a human legacy!

Any donations received above the project costs will be used for daily care of the cats and operations of the sanctuary.

Founding Member & Sponsorship Giving Levels

There are still many naming and sponsorship opportunities available! Feel free to email me at [email protected] or read more below.

Read the case statement filled with exciting details HERE!

Learn about naming opportunities HERE!


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