Our ROAR of thanks for your GIVE TO THE MAX support!

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You made GIVE TO THE MAX, the most successful ever.  A huge ROAR of thanks for raising over $213,000 for the cats!!

Wow!!!  That’s about all we can say!  Your support surpassed our expectations and proves again and again, that we have the best and most compassionate supporters.  THANK YOU!!

We hope you enjoyed the live videos every hour all day long, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at how your donations matter the most. I hope you’ll visit our Facebook page and scroll through all the videos when you have time, if you missed them on GIVE TO THE MAX DAY. I think you’ll get a kick out of so many special moments!

We’ll be announcing the winner of the Caretaker for a Day Experience early next week!  Stay tuned, we’ll post the winner here, on our Facebook page and in our enewsletter!

Thank you again for being an extended part of our rescue team, and ALWAYS being there for the animals!


You don’t want to miss GIVE TO THE MAX. It’s the biggest giving program of the year! Why give?  Because giving saves lives – and that feels pretty darn good!

Give Today – Any Way – Any Amount – and Make It Count!

This year, we’ve made it even easier with more ways to give. Mail in a check*, call our office at 320-245-6871, give at GiveMN.org, or give at our website BELOW.  All gifts received NOW through end of day November 16th count towards our GIVE TO THE MAX  goal!


And your gift will go even further with a generous foundation matching $10,000!  That means your gift will be doubled – $10 becomes $20, $50 becomes $100!

On top of that, all donors will be entered into a random drawing to really be part of our rescue team! You could WIN being a caretaker for a day!

Saving a life not only feels good to YOU, but also to big cats like Nikita.

Nikita’s Story

Tigress Nikita had a bad reputation.  But who could blame her?  She was pulled too young from her mother, chained down for photo opportunities at county fairs.  When she wouldn’t work, she was hit with bats and fire extinguishers. She was confined to a 10 x 10 cage where she had to fight other tigers for food.

Police officer, wildlife expert, documentary star Tim Harrison couldn’t believe her story and her transformation.  “I found Nikita to be the most aggressive and violent big cat that I have ever met (wild or caged).” Seeing how content and happy Nikita is today, after being saved by YOU and our sanctuary, he said “I was amazed at the compassion and patience of Tammy’s team working with the most dangerous white tiger I had ever met in my 40 years of working with all dangerous animals. Tammy and her team are miracle workers.”

Your donation can help us provide tigers just like Nikita a second chance at life.  She gets space to roam. Toys to play with and wholesome food. It costs $120 a month or $1,440 every year just to feed ONE big cat like Nikita. Will you help?


And above all, your gift helps cats like Nikita trust again.

Your gift ensures they’ll never be hungry again. YOU turn their lives around.  They know YOU help give them a second chance.

P.S. Your gift by November 16th means MORE big cats will get a second chance like Nikita – THANK YOU!



Why schedule your GIVE TO THE MAX DAY gift?

This year, there are more reasons to make a gift and save lives! Over 100 to be exact – TWS residents, that is!! Will you help us reach our goal of $175,000?

More info!

  • $10,000 in matching grants from a TWS donor!
  • Everyone is entered into a drawing to WIN being a Caretaker for a Day!
  • All donors who give $100 and more will received a paw print of tigress Daisy
  • Chance at additional cash prizies if you give through our GiveMN.org page.
  • Your gift to The Wildcat Sanctuary saves lives!!  You’ve saved and made such a difference in the lives of tigers like Nikita.

*Checks can be mailed to TWS, PO Box 314, Sandstone MN 55072.

Ps.  This year, we are making it easy! Since we are asking you to give any way, any amount to make it count, all donations won’t be reflected on the GiveMN leaderboard.  But check back on this page, and we will be sure to provide you our overall totals!




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