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The name Aurora means “dawn.”  As we face this new world, one with so many challenges, we have a choice to stay optimistic, to live our lives in a different way. It truly is the dawn of a new day.

As we deal with a worldwide pandemic, something we’ve never experienced before, we can become overwhelmed. We’re each bombarded daily with so many government updates, so many pleas for help. But we’re also seeing so much good in the world. 

We’ve learned who “essential workers” really are, how important our relationships are. We’ve seen people all over the world stepping up to help, even at their own peril. We watch as the planet begins to heal itself and wildlife is flourishing. We’ve learned what a privilege it is to be alive.

It’s up to us to remember each dawn brings new possibilities, new hope. We’re honored that two artists were inspired by our caracal Aurora to create their own special pieces representing “A New Dawn.” 

Our supporters have gone above and beyond to assure the cats have what they need during these difficult times. As a thank you, we’re making these one-of-a-kind pieces available to you in hopes they will inspire you, too. 


Many are familiar with artist Constance Perenyi. She uses handmade papers, building images out of tiny bits of paper, to create a finished piece that’s 3-dimensional. It’s hard to believe that every whisker, every eye lash, every detail is created with paper. You’ll find an auction for her unique piece HERE. 

Finished piece will be framed in one-of-a-kind wood frame made from tigress Sabrina’s platform. The frame has authentic scratch marks made by Sabrina.

An original paw print and nose print from caracal Aurora will also be included for you.

Artist Kacy Turner has found a way to merge her love of wild cats with her creativity through her painting of Aurora. She was inspired to use her talents to help support our rescue mission. You’ll find an auction for her painting HERE.

An original paw print and nose print from caracal Aurora will also be included for you.

As we look out over the sanctuary at sunset, seeing all the beauty in the lives you’ve helped save, we remember that tomorrow brings a new dawn….a new day to continue our work. Thank you for all you’ve done to make the world a better place for so many in need.

*Proceeds from both of these auctions will go towards the daily care of the cats here at The Wildcat Sanctuary. 


P.S. As the globe celebrates #GivingTuesdayNow and Minnesota celebrates #GiveAtHome, we always welcome your participation to those and to our special #BidAtHome for Aurora’s Art.  All ways benefit the cats!

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