Hear their story from Nikita and Tasha’s current caregiver

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NIkita“It is the most important thing we have ever done in our lives, the biggest decision I personally have ever made to move Tasha and Nikita to an accredited sanctuary. We are blessed that they will have a forever home at The Wildcat Sanctuary.

Nikita, is a 7-year-old white tiger, who came to us in July 2011 after her owner passed away, she was used as a photo baby and on display to the public. She is permanently scarred mentally from the abusive experience of being chained down to a wooden box for photos, living on a cement slab in a small enclosure, her owner breeding her for cubs to go into irresponsible hands, just for money!
My heart sunk as I went to see what I was in for the day we picked up Nikita from Sam Mazzola’s. Some of the tigers were  walking skeletons. Nikita was the dominate in her 10 x 10 cage. She kept the male tiger from eating since she had the survival instinct.  But she was always looking over her shoulder waiting to be attacked by the other starving tiger. Pens covered in feces, green water in water troughs, never dumped in months! Just a horrible existence for such beautiful creatures!
Once in our care, we prepared caging for the cats, new perimeter and the best care we could give them. Clean dens, which they never had in their life, good food, and toys, the best we could offer them. We have brought them this far, and now we have made the right decision to place them somewhere they can have so much more room, and live their lives as they should!
Tasha, our cougar, escaped from her owners garage, after living in it for 9 years! She was almost shot by law officials until she came back to her so called home, from being scared and hungry. Thank god she did, we went immediately and picked her up and gave her the best we could offer. But now she will  have companionship, and a huge natural enclosure at The Wildcat Sanctuary, something she has never had in her life! I will not stand in the way of the cats happiness, and I am truly grateful they will be at a such wonderful place.
With laws and legislation, ban bills, passing through out the U.S. I know in my heart they will be safe & well cared for. I know I have protected them all this time to the best of my ability. But their future is secure and even better then I can offer them. I know the cats are in very good hands, that’s all that matters. And as difficult as it is for us, in my heart its for the well being of he cats!”
-From Nikita and Tasha’s current caregiver
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