Help hybrid cats like Leo get the space they deserve.

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Project Update March 2017

Because of your generous help, the project is well underway.  The 10 x 20 building has arrived, the staff have interns have insulated the building and put the water resistant paneling up.  The heat, electric and propane take are installed. The guillotine doors for the yards have been ordered and the indoor kennel fronts are being installed this week.

Within the next month, the yard posts will be set.  Volunteers, staff and interns will be busy completing the fully-enclosed yard!  Our goal is that Leo, Abby and Kona can move in before April 15!!  We will be sure to share more photos of them enjoying their new special space that you made possible!  Thank you!!!

Rescued hybrid wild cats need you! Help us build a heated bungalow for Savannah cats Leo and Kona, and geriatric Jungle cat Abby.

What do you do when three rescued hybrid cats don’t get along?

At The Wildcat Sanctuary, the cats’ needs always come first!  So that means we need to build these three their own area as soon as possible where they can live wild at heart. But it’s expensive, so we’re turning to you for much-needed help.

leoLeo, a Savannah cat, was given away free on Craigslist for fighting with other cats. Sadly, he was declawed as an adult to try and make him safer with other cats.  He’s a bit aloof at first, but with patience he’s become a very friendly cat with his caretakers. He’s a very special boy.

konaKona, a marbled Savannah cat, has been through several homes, another sanctuary, and even worn out his welcome with other cats here at our Sanctuary, too.  He gets overstimulated very fast and his excitement increases too quickly when living with others.  He’s communicated that living alone is when he’s happiest. So that’s what we need to make happen for him.

Abby, a Jungle cat, is in her geriatric years and has arthritis. We want to ensure abbythat she doesn’t get picked on by other cats. She attempts to show her dominance with other cats, but can’t hold her own given her limited mobility.  She’s very comfortable on her own and loves to spend time napping in the sun or cuddling in an indoor hammock.  We want to be able to provide her the peace she deserves in her elder years.

You can help make this all possible for them!

We’ve researched purchasing 3 bungalows, but that isn’t cost effective.  So instead, we plan to purchase a 12 x 24 building that can be divided into three indoor rooms, each with access to their own outdoor yard.  This way, they each have company close but get their own space, too.  The building will be heated, have linoleum for easy cleaning, cat condos, hammocks and plenty of comfy places to sleep.  Their outdoor yards will be fully-enclosed and have grass, logs for scratching and perches for climbing.

Our biggest need is the building this winter!  Can you help us meet our goal for Leo, Kona and Abby now?

  • $570 for site prep dirt workbldg
  • $5,400 for prefab building
  • $1,550 for insulation and plywood
  • $1,250 for wall coating and flooring
  • $745 for kennel walls, doors and doggy doors
  • $2,300 to run electric to the building, lights, outlets
  • $1,500 to install propane heater
  • $4,500 for three outdoor yards
  • $17,815 TOTAL

Our goal is to meet the special needs for ALL of our rescued residents – big or small. You can help dsc_0017_2-21-14make their life at the Sanctuary one they deserve. Will you consider a donation today?

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, your donations can be tax-deductible.

Help Savannah cat Leo stay warm! | GiveMN

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