Newly rescued bobcat kitten is named Autumn

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Surviving bobcat kitten given second chance after mom and sibling struck by car

UPDATE 9-29-16

Thank you to the thousands of well-wishers who submitted name suggestions for this little girl.  It was hard to keep up with all the names and some of the great meanings behind them!

We took the top suggestions, narrowing them down to most frequent nominated female names, and names no cats have had here at the sanctuary, and gave the top 10 list to the staff and interns to vote on. Since they’ve been working closely with her, they’ve gotten to know her personality and which name would fit best.

Drum roll please………it’s official, she’s now known as AUTUMN – in honor of her debut on the fall equinox!!


A huge thanks to everyone who submitted a suggestion. We’ll keep this list of names for the future, since you came up with some great ones!

We know little Autumn can already feel the love coming her way from all over the world.  She’ll always be safe, well cared for, and most of all loved – because of you. Your donations help us support her for life – Autumn thanks you!

Autumn’s Story
First her sibling was struck by a car. Then, when Mom went to help, she was struck as well. For this little surviving baby bobcat, the world seemed to end. Thankfully, The Wildcat Sanctuary in Minnesota has taken her in to offer a second chance at life.

The Wildcat Sanctuary is turning to the public for help in naming this special bobcat kitten.

Naming suggestions closed September 28th   The Sanctuary staff will vote on submitted names and announce her new name by the end of the month.

The bobcat kitten was first brought to Wildwoods Wildlife Rehabilitation in Duluth. They were able to make sure she wasn’t injured, provided supportive care and began to research their options for her.

The goal was to successfully “wild up” and release this bobcat kitten.  But, due to her age and Minnesota winter pending, she may have had little chance of survival without a surrogate mother to help teach her.  Laws also do not bobcat-orphan1_lrpermit wildlife being moved across country for rehab and release.

After consulting with rehabilitation experts, Wildwoods made the decision to find her a permanent home and give her the best life possible in captivity if she couldn’t be free. They contacted The Wildcat Sanctuary in hopes of placing her where she could live in a natural setting.

“We would’ve loved to have seen this little scared girl grow up wild. But when that wasn’t an option for her, we agreed to provide her a home at The Wildcat Sanctuary. We knew we had to give her the chance to live wild at heart.” Director Tammy Thies said.

The first step is helping her adjust in captivity, with the hope of forming a surrogate family for her. The Wildcat Sanctuary has reached out offering a home to any other bobcat kittens in need of rescue in order to provide her with surrogate siblings to grow up with.

You can help The Wildcat Sanctuary continue to rescue wild cats in need by donating today!

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