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Tiger Habitat

Tiger Habitat & Tiger Splash

Your support has allowed us to build Small Cat Track,Hybrid Haven, Roar Ridge and Cougar Cove. Each of these areas provide free roaming habitats for the wildcats that reside at the Sanctuary.

Cougars have up to 20,000 square feet to roam. Tigers, Titan and Lilly can swim in Tiger Splash – a pool and water fall. Servals Denali and O’Malley have jungle gyms and caves. Bengals Ciega and Spartacus can climb through pine trees and lounge in their hammocks. All of these wild spaces included heated central buildings where the cats can escape extreme temperatures. Your help provided open spaces where they can be wild at heart.

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Over the past year, we have accepted six additional tigers, several bobcats and servals. We now need to build Wild Woodlands – a free roaming area for multiple species in need. This area will accommodate the smallest serval to the largest lion. It will be be built to allow any cat to be wild at heart. And we need your help.

This new area will consist of a 36′ x 64′ central building. The building will be divided into separate areas for large

Central Building

Central Building

and small cats. It will be constructed to have large cat habitats off one side and smaller cats on the opposite side. Most enclosures will have hallways between the enclosures eliminating any shared walls. This will allow us the flexibility of housing cats that may be intimidated by other cats or need more time to acclimate peacefully.

Each habitat will include perches, water features similar to Tiger Splash, hammocks and landscaping. The enclosures will also have zip lines to allow moveable enrichment and toys.

Several acres has been excavated. Ground has been broken on the first enclosure. The perimeter fence needs to be installed this year and the building will be built in the spring. We need your continued support to keep this project moving.

Each vertical pole is $80.
The perimeter fence is $10 a foot.
The building will cost $70,000.
The completed project will be $343,000.

Every penny helps. We will build as funding permits. We know this dream is within our reach.

You’ve helped it happen for tigers Titan and Lilly, Lions Aslan, Shanti Deva and Asha. Now help us make the dream come true for tigers Layla and Zeus. And Bobcat Baby Jenga and serval Sebastian.

Donate to Wild Woodlands today!

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