Help us complete the Scarlet Veterinary Center at The Wildcat Sanctuary

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scarlet_faceThe Hospital Upgrade is launching with a very important new name: THE SCARLET VETERINARY CENTER. This is in memory of Scarlet, the clouded leopard.

As I sit here in our 18’ x 26’ hospital, I’m amazed at all that has gone on here in this small space. It’s one of the most important areas of the sanctuary. It’s where preventative care is given and the toughest decisions are made. And it’s critical to our mission and the care of our animals.

So many memories here. This is where I met Ramsey the lynx and dozens of other residents as we performed their intake exams. It’s where Scarlet’s life-saving pyometra surgery took place. It’s where a team of professionals around the world joined together to perform four root canals on tiger Titan. It’s where the staff spent several days providing comfort care to caraval Zepo before we said good-bye.

This small space has done some big things to help so many cats. And with our growing geriatric population and ongoing medical needs, more is needed. And you can help.

So why is the onsite hospital so important?

  • Each resident’s intake exam is performed which entails sedating the cat, inserting a microchip, doing a full Scarlet eye surgery 1exam and radiographs, drawing blood and giving vaccines
  • Radiographs are performed for diagnostics and on aging cats to assess arthritic changes
  • Dozens of spays and neuters are performed
  • Ongoing wellness exams and dentals are performed
  • Specialists come and perform root canals, ultrasounds and eye surgeries
  • Animals recover from surgeries and exams
  • Fecals and other preventative care takes place on an ongoing basis
  • It acts as a surgery suite for several types of surgeries
  • It is a treatment center for cats that need further observation
  • Pharmacy for all medications and supplements

In short, it is a fully operational veterinary hospital that accommodates small and really BIG cats.

The Plan

In 2015, you helped us purchase important equipment for blood chemistry, dental, hematology and more!  This year, we are still in need of:

  • Jaguar_Dental_Day1Xray generator Porta 100- $7,500 with a 6 year warranty included,
  • Xray processor is the Scan X treck- 23,960.00 comes with 2 year warranty
  • X-ray w/FTT table, CMDR Digital Ready Anthem Generator – $50,800
  • X-Ray (added power for larger animals) – $19,500
  • General surgical pack – $482 each
  • Fully stocked pharmacy $2,200 per month
  • Pulse-oximeter- $1,300

Over the next 5 years, we would like to build a new food preparation building and then expand the hospital into the current adjacent food preparation area.

An upgraded hospital will provide for several important opportunities:

  • More specialized care to our geriatric residents
  • Flexibility to treat unusual cases in-house, decreasing the stress of transporting cats off-site
  • More space for comfort care for the cats needing long term care, quarantine or recovery
  • More adequate equipment for visiting specialists and our own resident veterinarian
  • Expanded educational opportunities for future veterinarians
  • Donor and education opportunities to see the important work we do firsthand through a safe viewing area

The cost this year could run over $100,000! Sponsorships are available for each piece of equipment, everything needed for its function, as well as future naming rights for the new wing. Sponsorships will also be available for the future food preparation building.

Will you help today?  Thank you for being there for them and part of this landmark project at TWS!

Please contact Tammy Thies at or 320-245-6871 for sponsorship details.

Please note if your online gift is for the hospital in the comments section.

Checks can be mailed to:

The Wildcat Sanctuary

PO Box 314

Sandstone, MN 55072

Please note your donation is for the hospital.

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