Help us create WILD SPACES for The Wildcat Sanctuary’s tigers

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Titan at poolEach cat that comes to the sanctuary is promised several things, including nutritious food and proper veterinary care. Our promise also includes a WILD SPACE where they can choose their own path to walk and lie down, plenty of options for shade and alone time, as well as landscaping and furniture to keep their lives enriched. Cats that like water also deserve a pool or pond.


As we celebrate our rambunctious tiger cubs Jeremy and Simon’s first birthday, we know how important having WILD SPACE is for their development. Our job is to give them, and every cat we rescue, all they need to thrive.  

In the past, the Sanctuary land was cleared to ensure proper drainage before building habitats and buildings.  Now, it’s our priority to bring back the lush WILD SPACE each cat deserves.

YOU helped us begin this project last year when lean-to’s, several shrubs and small trees were added to the Wild Woodlands section of our Sanctuary. This year, we’ll continue our WILD SPACE campaign by bringing in larger trees, permanent structures for shade and lounging, boulders and even in-ground pools for the tigers.

There are many ways you can help! Your donations can be used for many of the following services and supplies we need to make WILD SPACE dreams come true:

  • Pool upgrades for Wild Woodlands habitats – $25,000
  • Large trees for Wild Woodlands habitats – $5,000
  • Excavation of Wild Woodlands habitats – $9,500
  • Rock & platform/perch lumber for Wild Woodlands habitats – $10,000
  • 30” Enrichment ball  $300
  • 24” Enrichment style plastic tire  $130
We can do it for them, with YOUR support!
Checks can be mailed to:
The Wildcat Sanctuary
PO Box 314
Sandstone, MN 55072

Please note your donation is for the WILD SPACE campaign.

UPDATE – Thanks to the donations we’ve received so far, we’ve started the habitat improvements and we have lots to share already!  We know you’re going to love seeing the slideshow of photos we have for you HERE

These are only a few of the many you’ll see in the slideshow:

DSC_0553_LR DSC_0764JeremySimonLR IMG_20150619_154435954_LR IMG_20150629_130531582_LRDSC_0704_LRMinnesota adventures 044_LR


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