Help us name our 2 new rescued cougar kittens!

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The Wildcat Sanctuary just welcomed 2 orphaned cougar kittens home for the holidays! And we want your help naming this brother and sister!!


Voting closed on Friday, December 11 at 12:00 noon CST.

The winning names are Snow and Storm!!!

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kitsFor these two, “It’s A Wonderful Life!” will have true meaning as they experience the love and support we know you’ll help us give them.

CBS WCCO featured a story and video about their arrival you can watch here.

The Wildcat Sanctuary was notified by the state of Washington this week that they had two wild orphaned cougar kittens in need of a home – within a few days.

Saving these two wasn’t even a question. We knew we had to step up and act quickly.  When we received a couple of photos of them from Fish & Game, they melted our hearts as we’re sure they will yours.  Knowing what they must have been through already, the tragic loss of their mother, we can’t wait to make their lives stable, secure, and happy.

Having raised cougars Andre, Carlo, Langley, Noah, and Donoma, who were also orphaned wild-born kittens, we know what’s in store for us. These cats 20151205_170552_resizedare not socialized to humans. Rightfully so, they’re afraid of humans and it will take some time to reassure them that all humans aren’t bad.

The female shows signs of a hip injury, but she seems to be recovering well.

“Our first choice is that they both could’ve grown up in the wild. But, when that isn’t possible, we’re happy to provide them a second chance at life here at The Wildcat Sanctuary,” Director Tammy Thies said.

Since cougars are opportunistic breeders, they will breed year round. Mostphoto 1e likely, their mother was killed and the kittens were left to fend for themselves.  The first kitten was found last week and the second sibling was spotted in the same area a few days later. That’s when the kittens were reunited.  The agency has saved 51 orphaned kittens in their jurisdiction alone.

“We’re thankful for the compassionate decision of the Washington Fish and Game agency for ensuring these kittens have a bright future, even if it cannot be in their homeland. We welcome them home just in time for the holidays.

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You can donate any amount toward their care HERE. Or, help us give them the wonderful wild at heart life they deserve by becoming their sponsor parent, too.  What a gift of life as we celebrate the season of giving!

SPONSOR INFORMATION HERE or you can email us at to get more details before they’re named and on our website.


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