Urgent – Help us rescue Makisha the bobcat.

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Makisha the bobcat

Makisha needs your help

We need your help TODAY to help Makisha a bobcat.

Update – We still don’t have a flight for Makisha, but there is good news. Her temporary caregivers were able to modify a large kennel so that she could get out of her transport crate and move around until we can make the appropriate arrangements. Now the fun part will be getting her back in her transport crate for the trip. I’ll keep everyone posted!

Makisha was supposed to arrive at the Sanctuary on Wednesday from Spokane, WA via Delta Airlines. The first plane turned back due to mechanical issues. Today, the flight did not go out at all. Poor Makisha is STILL confined in her small transport crate waiting to reach the Sanctuary. We need to get her here and out of her small transport crate as soon as possible!

The best option would be to get a flight to Minneapolis via a charter aircraft or private plane. We are looking for an animal angel who can help us do this as soon as possible. She can fly out of Libby or Spokane.

The second option to is drive to her which we are willing to do but that means several more days of Makisha confined to a small transport crate. We are contacting our volunteers to see if anyone can begin the drive to get her.

Makisha is a 16 year old bobcat who was privately owned and living in a 12 x 12 pen. The owner had to find a home for Makisha due to health problems. Animal lovers who heard about Makisha’s story took on the task of finding The Wildcat Sanctuary and helping her get to the Sanctuary. They’ve driven countless of hours to pick her up, several trips to and from the Spokane airport which is hours a way but don’t have the facilities to house her.

No one could have foreseen the cancellations of these flights. So if you can help by providing air transport or donating towards transport costs, please call 320-245-6871 or email cat@wildcatsanctuary.org.

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