Help us welcome 16-year-old cougar Max to his forever home!

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It’s been several months since cougar Max arrived at The Wildcat Sanctuary.  He has settled in very well and enjoys his wooded space and flat ground.  His favorite spot is his outdoor hammock.

See him enjoying his new space.

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Max’s Story

As a sanctuary, you know we’re a home for life to all our rescued residents. But at TWS, we take that even one step further. We follow and commit to providing a forever home for all the cats we refer to other reputable facilities and sanctuaries, too. If, for any reason, a sanctuary or facility cannot care for the cats we’ve referred or placed, we’ll do everything we can to provide them a home for life. And that’s the story with Max.


Max faceCelebrating a new home, a new birthday, and a new life!


Max turns 16-years old this month!  He is a kind-hearted cougar who suffers with arthritis. He’s been receiving the best medical care to keep him pain-free. Because of your support, he’ll now be able to live his golden years at The Wildcat Sanctuary.

In 2011, we received a call from a private owner needing to surrender a cougar due to a divorce. At that time, TWS had just taken in cougar kittens Carlo, Noah and Langley, and we didn’t have habitat space for him. The Lake Superior Zoo had lost their other cougars due to old age and they agreed to accommodate Max. We support zoos that help rescue privately owned cats, especially when there aren’t enough sanctuaries to take in every cat in need. We are thankful that they used Max’s story to educate people on why wild animals should not be kept as pets.

Watch the video they produced HERE!

20160307_094733LRMax has spent the last six years at the Lake Superior Zoo. Due to flooding and a new facility plan, the zoo decided to renovate habitats including where Max was living. When we heard of this, we reached out to the zoo offering a final and forever home for him.

Max reminds us a lot of our cougar Spring who we recently said good-bye to. If Spring melted your heart, Max sure will, too. He also has a gentle and social demeanor, was 4-paw declawed and has arthritis. We’ll make sure to provide Max with everything he needs to enjoy life to the fullest.

Because of your ongoing support, we can continue to welcome cats like Max when they need us most. Thank you for helping us provide Max all he needs to live out his golden years happily and in comfort here at The Wildcat Sanctuary.

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