Here’s a rare opportunity to name 2 white tiger cubs at The Wildcat Sanctuary!

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20141114_193321_resizedThis year, Thanksgiving has a whole new meaning as we give thanks for two more lives we’ve been able to save.  Because of the generous support we know we can count on from you, we stepped up and said “yes” when these little ones needed placement.  Read their story here.

The holidays are all about family and home, and that’s what they needed.  And now, we’d like to turn to you – our family – to help us name the newest additions to our growing family of rescues.


This is a rare opportunity for three reasons:

  • We rarely take in little ones like these. Most of the rescues we’re called in on involve much older cats that have been named already.
  • White tiger cubs are highly sought after by breeders and exhibitors, it was critical we assure this will never happen with these little ones.
  • And, of course, how often do you get the chance to name a tiger!

We’re opening up the right to name these two little ones to our supporters around the world as a fundraiser to help with the costs of caring for the cubs.

Please visit our eBay site from November 20 – 30 to place your bid on naming each of these cubs. 

The winner will receive a photo of the cub and recognition on our website for having chosen the winning name.  The Sanctuary reserves the right to decline any inappropriate names.



He is the braver of the two and loves to chuff hello.  He is the first to eat and much more confident than his brother.  He has large wide stripes on his forehead, green eyes and a beautiful pink nose.  He loves to play with everything and is very curious.  He likes to test his strength to see how durable everything is.  He’s good at sharing with his brother, as long as his turn at play comes first.


DSC_1444E 2x2


He is more apprehensive of humans and follows his brother’s lead.  He lets his brother check things out first and once it is clear, he joins right in.  He doesn’t let his brother too far out of his sight.  He takes longer to warm up and is much more gentle on his toys and surroundings than the larger boy. He has many more markings on his forehead, ice blue eyes and a pale pink nose.  He is a little smaller than his brother.


This rescue has given a whole new meaning to the holidays.  For these cubs, Thanksgiving will truly mean Thanks-living as we welcome them home!


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