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How are the cats named at The Wildcat Sanctuary?



Most often, the cats we rescue are victims of the exotic animal trade – failed “pets” that didn’t work out. They come to us already having been named.

But occasionally, we’re also called on to take in orphaned wild cats. Our DSC_5296_t670first wish is, of course, that they’re able to live their lives in the wild as they deserved. But, lacking a mother to teach them survival skills, that’s often impossible.  We provide the next best thing, a wild-at-heart life here at the Sanctuary.

When the latest two orphaned cougar kittens arrived, we decided to have the students of Ms. Stacey’s class at Concord Elementary School in Edina, Minnesota have the honor of naming them. Why?

For over a decade, these students have been sponsoring many of the cats here at The Wildcat Sanctuary. They work very hard learning about wildlife conservation and wild cat facts, raising money through fun projects that help support the Sanctuary’s rescues. Since education is such a big part of ending the captive wildlife crisis faced today, they’re compassion and dedication truly is an inspiration!

Ms. Stacey shared with her current and former students:P1000277E Ms Stacey class

Hello to my wonderful former students!

I have another fun treat for you to honor the charitable work you did for The Wildcat Sanctuary. They have just rescued two orphaned cougar cubs from Washington state. They are brothers, and their mother was likely killed by a farmer protecting his goats. They are lucky to have found a “forever home” at TWS, where they will join two other cougars, Snow and Storm, so they can grow up around other wildcats just like them. Okay that’s all sad but here’s the fun part: The caretakers at TWS thought it would be cool if YOU all voted on what to name the two cubs!

Naming the animals at the sanctuary is a very big deal to those who work there and also the people who follow the wildcats’ journeys, so this is quite an honor. I still remember back when you were looking through the names of all the residents on the website, and how excited you got about each name. Just think how you get to be involved in the naming process! It is just another example of how much the people at TWS appreciate the compassion you have shown for these animals, even at an early age.

All you have to do is pick from the names below. Vote for your top TWO favorites for these cougars (they are both IMG_1496Emales) – Forest, Sage, Cypress, Sol, Nova, Blaze, Dune, Aspen, Rain

Have fun picking the names!    ♥  Mrs. Stacey

This is one comment from a boy (now in 5th grade):

I really like the names Aspen, and Nova. I am so glad that TWS is still doing such a great job helping make wildcats more safe, and happy! It makes me so happy hearing about these animals that TWS has helped!

And another comment from a girl (currently a 3rd grader):

Thank you so much Mrs. Stacey!  I am super exited, I mean what  a big opportunity!  I picked the names… Sol and Aspen!  😉 

So – what did they choose?

Welcome to your new forever home BLAZE and ASPEN!

The brothers underwent complete exams and neutering. The name Blaze truly fits the larger, more dominant brother since he weighs 10 pounds more than his little brother Aspen. Though Aspen suffered frostbite on both ears during the time they were surviving in the wild, Blaze pulled through with no obvious issues. They’ll continue to live in a habitat alongside the other orphaned cougar kittens Snow and Storm, who are also about 16-18 weeks old, so they all feel comfortable with each other. The plan is to merge them so they can all grow up together here at the Sanctuary.


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