Advocate No More Wild Pets

Important ways to speak out and make a difference

If you witness something you consider animal abuse, you can report it by emailing the USDA:   [email protected]

They are in charge of regulating and enforcing the Animal Welfare Act. The more they hear from you, the more likely they are to send out inspectors to investigate.  It’s the “squeaky wheel” concept.

Let them hear you roar!

What if you see an article you disagree with or that highlights the wrong things about an animal situation or an exhibitor exploiting animals?

Maybe it’s a pet bobcat or tiger cub being exhibited at the local mall.  What should you do?

You should post your comments to the media.  Be polite and try to educate them.  No one likes being attacked.  Negativity turns people off and they won’t hear your important message. And share it on your social media pages, too.

Whenever you read an article or watch a show that has something to do with wild cats that you like, make sure you post a comment about it or send an email to the reporter directly.  The more positive comments they receive on a story, the more likely they are to cover that topic again.

Remember to also share the positive stories you read and see!

  • Share it on your Social Media accounts
  • Email it to friends to educate them

Anything and everything you do WILL make a difference!

How do you find media in your area and your Congressional representatives?

With and, you have a reference website that lists – state by state or country by country – all the major news media outlets’ contact information.

It even gives you a direct one-click link to each TV or newspaper’s website anywhere in the country!  It’s that easy to reach out to those that can bring attention to what you’ve seen or heard.

Also, don’t forget to look up the state capitol of the state where this is happening and write the governor, the legislators and the newspapers in that capitol city.  That’s where all the people with power work every day, so you want to reach them, too. It’s easy to find their email contact information at

Find contact information for each state’s Governor here:

Is there something else you might be able to do?

How to let TV stations know your opinion:

The same goes if you see a TV story that really made you mad or upset.
What if you see something on TV that you know is wrong – like cubs at a Kidsfest event, or a wild animal exhibitor at the Pet Expo? Your voice should be heard!

Just GOOGLE  the TV station that’s airing the show or reporting that news story to find their website and social media pages.  Scroll down to the bottom of the TV station’s HOME page on their website.  You’ll usually find a section called “Contact Us.”  That’s where you can let them know how you feel.

Here’s a comprehensive list of most of the major cable and TV networks: