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I just wanted to take a moment to share a few thoughts with you, regarding The Wildcat Sanctuary and the amazing Tammy Thies.

I have had the privilege of knowing Ms. Thies for 5 years now.

I have known her, first, as a personal hero and pioneer for animal welfare and, as a powerful advocate for compassion.

Then, I knew her as a boss, when I worked for TWS for a brief and shining time.

I also worked with her as a volunteer.

The work Tammy has accomplished and the astounding achievements she has made for TWS and the cats is remarkable!

She is a one-woman-powerhouse of amazing vision, commitment and passion.

A true leader, Tammy Thies inspires others to be their best and to do – always, to do – what is best for the cats and the mission of TWS. And, it is through sharing her vision and her passion that she inspires donors to give and to be a part of TWS. Donors believe in her. I have been in the non-profit sector for many years.

People give to people.

People may give to a cause, but it’s the person who leads that cause – a face they know and trust – that compels them to give.

As an employee and volunteer at TWS I have known Tammy to be – without fail – an Executive Director who is fair, disciplined, professional, compassionate and loving. She is a focused business woman who is – at heart – a nurturer and healer.

I have witnessed – countless times – her mastery of inspiring donors to believe in TWS and the work that is done; I have watched her manage – with professionalism, kindness and gratitude – employees and volunteers of TWS. Everyone who has worked there, volunteered there, interned there, has always felt the same supreme privilege and honor to be at TWS – to be a part of something that is so important and so vital. The camaraderie and the sense of team was always strong, even though there were minor differences of opinion between some staff. I always saw Tammy behave in a fair and gentle manner – always with the “what’s best for the highest good of the cats” as her goal.

In the past several months I have observed a change and it has been most disheartening.

That Tammy had to “step down” as Executive Director of TWS was a shock beyond words.

The events that precipitated this I can only imagine, as the distress I have sensed from staff and volunteers at TWS has escalated before my very eyes. I attended this years “Jungle Boogie” and was stunned by the shift in energy of this event. The exuberance, delight and joy that is common for this event was non-existent and was replaced by secretive glances, hushed whisperings and nervous glances. What a profound disappointment!

The only spark of light at this event was when the audience gave Tammy a standing ovation during dinner.

Thank God there are people who support Tammy and acknowledge the extraordinary things this woman has done – for the cats, for her staff and volunteers, and for our community.

Tammy’s remarkable influence must be able to continue.

For the sake of TWS, for the cats,…for the mission.

Whatever petty, ego-driven nonsense is going on behind the scenes, …… it needs to be stopped.

Tammy is the Founder of TWS, and she is the face of TWS.

There are many of us who support TWS and we will continue to support TWS and do anything for TWS, to make sure it succeeds and shines….but only if we trust the person behind it. Tammy’s is the face we trust.

Hers is the only face we want to see at the helm of this amazing organization known as The Wildcat Sanctuary.

It’s that simple.

I am putting my trust and faith in TWS’s Board of Directors.

I trust that you will steward this organization to ensure that its mission of No More Wild Pets succeeds.

I have faith that you will do what is right for TWS and what is in the best interest of the cats.

I was an employee, and a volunteer, and a donor.

I really want to continue to be a volunteer and a donor.

I believe in TWS.

I believe in Tammy Theis.

I hope you do, too.

Thank you for your time, and many thanks for your passion for TWS.


Shirley De la Torre


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