IFAW grant helps the cats of the Wildcat Sanctuary!

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Having rescued big cats from all over the United States, The Wildcat Sanctuary (TWS) and The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) know how important providing a natural habitat is in a sanctuary environment.

IFAW has generously provided a grant towards helping build an African serval habitat and indoor area at The Wildcat Sanctuary.

“We like to work together with other organizations for the benefit of the animals,” Thies said. “The International Fund for Animal Welfare has that same philosophy and we are thankful that they wanted to be part of this project.”

This grant is extremely important given the mold damage the Sanctuary sustained this year.  It meant 17 small cats (servals, bobcats and a caracal) had to be moved off the  Phoenix_DSC_0276building. Now with summer in full swing, there are only a few months before winter arrives!  It is important to fix the building and build habitats –  and this grant will go a long way to help!

The public is also invited to donate to the Sanctuary’s RAISE THE ROOF challenge.  A total of $13,000 needs to be raised to complete the building repairs.

This is not the first project the two organizations have worked together on.  Last year IFAW provided a partial grant to fund a temperature-controlled rescue trailer.  They also funded the habitat of rescued tigress Nikita  from Ohio.HorizLogo1.jpg
“We could not do our life-saving work without our partners like IFAW.  We are forever grateful for their commitment to the animals,” Thies said.
The serval is a lightly built cat, with long legs, large ears, and short tail and is native to Africa. Its coat is light brown with dark spots, black-tipped tail, and black ears with distinctive white spots.

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