In memory of bobcat Felicity and bengal cat Sumatra at The Wildcat Sanctuary

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We have 106 residents, 47 are senior or geriatric with 27 of those being over 15 years old. The hardest part about rescuing so many cats is that they will one day leave us. It never gets easier and it tends to come in waves.  It can feel too much to bear sometimes.  But we know we have to continue, we have so many animals that count on us.

Even with all the heartache, we know we are giving them the life of dignity and our job is to say good-bye while keeping that dignity intact.  I feel so blessed to have the caretakers, managers and veterinarians that we do. They are so empathetic towards each animal and there is always love and appreciation for every individual cat, even as we say good-bye.

Bobcat Felicity

PicMonkey Collage LRFelicity was one of the most beautiful bobcats you’d ever see.  She had a silk silver coat accented with ice blue eyes.  She didn’t crave human contact, but enjoyed her life.  She was a bobcat who was truly wild at heart.

Felicity spent most of her life confined to a small suspended wire cage in a backyard before coming to The Wildcat Sanctuary. She was purchased to be bred and pelted for her fur. She felt grass under her feet for the first time here at The Wildcat Sanctuary.  Felicity spent her days rolling in the grass or snow, rubbing on enrichment and especially enjoyed playing in her vegetable paints.

Saying good-bye to our older cats is hard enough, but saying good-bye to a younger cat is even more difficult. Felicity was just seven years old and seemed quite healthy. She would play, come up to eat and spend her nap time on top of her den, which was her favorite spot.  Felicity passed away from a bacterial infection that was sadly resistant to the antibiotic treatment. As the infection progressed, she had a high temperature and her liver was shutting down. The findings were confirmed by blood work and a necropsy.

It was a sudden loss that shocked us all.  But we are so grateful that she was able to do what she loved up until the day we said good-bye.  She did not suffer and went peacefully while being monitored by caretakers who loved her so.

Felicity, your beauty was more than just your eyes and fur coat and you will be missed by us all.

Bengal Cat Sumatra

PicMonkey CollageSumatra the Bengal cat had come from a cattery that was shut down and was the mother to several other cats we took in from the same rescue.  She was not only mother hen to her roommates but also to her caretakers. She would peck other cats in the head when they rushed into the food bowl too quickly.  She loved to be held by caretakers and then would give love nips to them – often on the nose.  She did this the day we helped her pass. She was a lady you just had to love.

Sumatra was diagnosed with cancer of the mouth that was in her soft tissue and moved to the jaw bone. She was loving up until the moment we helped her pass.  During her last days, she was comfortable and cuddled up with her daughter Willow.  She also received many loves and hugs from her caretakers.  We weren’t ready to let her go, but we helped her go peacefully and before she was in too much pain.

Sumatra’s little wobble and love kisses will never be forgotten, and we feel true joy every time we think of her and the love she brought to the sanctuary.



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