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A look ahead to 2020

2020 is a big construction year for our future Animal Care & Education Center.

The Animal Care and Education Center is the future of The Wildcat Sanctuary and will provide an important platform for our mission – to help more animals and educate more people.

With your support, this new multi-use building will serve our cats through all stages of their lives. It will also be a place to teach those who can help make a difference the realities of the captive wildlife crisis.

You can be a part of it at:

New Animal Care & Education Center

We’ll be breaking ground this spring on this multi-purpose building.

  • Veterinary hospital with equipment, lab, pharmacy and surgery
  • Rescue Bay for recovery area, transport and rescue equipment
  • Surgical observation suite for 12, with closed circuit TV
  • Open-space lobby with mission-driven educational displays for use by volunteers and interns, as well as conference space
  • Break/Refuel room for staff, interns and volunteers
  • Distance Learning Lab for media and outreach team to educate schools and groups off-site via skype and satellite
  • Education space for training animal care interns, staff, AmeriCorps and visiting veterinary students and externs
  • Quiet room for grieving, 1-on-1 meetings, mentoring and private space
  • Collaboration and workspace for caretakers and animal care interns
  • Overnight quarters for emergency animal care staff and veterinarians
  • Staff offices and meeting rooms
  • Reflection porch for staff, donors and volunteers; includes a catio for office cats
  • 2nd story viewing window with deck that acts as an overhang for UTV and equipment parking
  • Parking for volunteers, staff, interns, donors and vendors

Habitats for the Cats

  • Maintenance and habitat enhancement will be provided for several habitats; including areas in Roar Ridge, and pool repairs in Feline Meadows and Wild Woodlands.
  • Open habitats are being prepared for pending rescues.
  • Plans for renovating two outdoor hybrid haven yards, if time permits.


  • A daily SUV is needed for staff/interns to drive for supply and food runs.
  • A new plow truck will be needed to ensure we have road access and can clear the property at all times during the winter.
  • New mowers are needed to maintain the habitats and grounds.
  • Ongoing maintenance is always necessary; including tiger pool and drainage repairs in habitats. Any old fencing will be replaced.

Building for our Future

  • A 2nd intern/staff house or land is being researched in order to expand daily resources for our growing organization.
  • Bringing the sanctuary to our supporters through:
    • More photos, live posts and videos through more social media channels
    • Growing the media and communications internship
  • Developing our strategic plan for the next 3, 5 and 10 years.
    • Including Development and Finance staff/resources
    • Expanding leadership
    • Continuing Education for all staff
    • How we impact the Captive Wildlife Crisis nationally and internationally

We look forward to another successful year for the cats – we can’t do it without you!


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