Lilly, our tigress, leaves to her new wild life

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PCML_289Why is it that, no matter how long you prepare for a loss, it still seems so sudden when it happens?  It must be because, no matter how long we prepare, the time we have with our loved ones is never long enough. 

This has certainly been the case with Lilly, our tigress. At 19, Lilly had a known heart condition. We’d hoped and prayed that, when it was her time, she would go quickly and painlessly.  Our wish was that it would happen peacefully, as she lay next to the love of her life, Titan.  And that’s exactly what has happened.  Though she went as we wished for her to go, our hearts still ache and the tears still flow knowing that she will not be with us another day.

After enduring long years of neglect and surviving starvation not once, but twice, Lilly deserved nothing less than going peacefully and swiftly.  She never had a bad day living at The Wildcat Sanctuary and she lived life to the fullest up until her very last breath.  Lilly was always a tom boy of a tiger, protective over Titan, and always knew humans were here to be her servants and reminded us often of that.  She kept her wild side, and who could blame her after all she had been through?  But when it came to Titan, her heart softened and she was sweet and docile.  She was in pure bliss as long as he was by tiger kiss tinyher side.

Even while being treated for a heart condition and having a few spells over the last several months, we did not know this day would be her last. To all outsiders, she seemed healthy.  She was muscular, had a beautiful coat, was very active and no one could ever believe she was 19.  But her caregivers knew that inside, there was a ticking time bomb and there was not much we could do to prevent her future fate.

Lilly was lying next to Titan on evening rounds.  She left us that night and we could see she went peacefully.  Titan had already said his good-byes to her and greeted his caregivers with a chuff on morning rounds.  It was a very somber morning, a quietness overcame the Sanctuary as we mourned the loss of a tiger with a true wild spirit.

Lilly, your past may have been scorned by a cycle of abuse, but your years of presence at the Sanctuary were a lesson of resilience.  And your future in your new wild life will be exactly what you dreamed of……..until you are once again united with your love, Titan.

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