Lion Ark – documentary about 25 lions rescued from circus in Bolivia

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Lion Ark is coming. Spread the word โ€“ SHARE NOW. When Bolivia banned the use of animals in circuses people thought that was it but the circuses simply defied the law. Lion Ark is a feature length documentary of how one by one the circuses were tracked down by Animal Defenders International and every animal is rescued. The confrontations, heartache and incredible risks are all captured, in a live action film, before a finale sees 25 lions airlifted almost 5,000 miles to freedom at The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado.
This sampler was made when we started making Lion Ark. The film is now complete and we start work on the official trailer next week โ€“ so enjoy this compilation whilst you can.

Lion Ark is a vivid behind the scenes account of probably the most ambitious animal rescue ever undertaken. The finale sees 25 lions rescued from illegal traveling circuses across Bolivia and flown to safety in the USA. An amazing story, Lion Ark is an eye-opener film that will change you forever. You will never look at animal circuses the same way again. MAKE SURE THE WORLD SEES THIS MOVIE!

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