Double Your Donation Today- Help bring the lions home!

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YOU DID IT!! You are ALL so amazing

This was the biggest match opportunity in The Wildcat Sanctuary’s history….and you met it in a month – 2 weeks before the deadline!

You’re helping build a whole new area of the sanctuary that will be home to many big cats now – and in the future.

And of course an extra special thank you to celebrity animal advocate Bob Barker and the DJ & T Foundation for inspiring so many to give. His compassion and support for animals in need sets such an example for us all!

THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS for being an important part of this project!

You can still donate to build more wild spaces at The Wildcat Sanctuary!


Legendary Bob Barker and the DJ&T Foundation is offering a $150,000 Challenge Grant to help us get lions Kimba, Sofia, and their son Gino here quickly.

What does that mean?

For every dollar you give, he’ll match it. Your gift will help twice as much!

He hopes to inspire you to give generously so we can finish building habitats for this lion family’s arrival soon.

Land at the sanctuary has been cleared for the new lion area. Now, the habitats and temperature-controlled bedroom areas must be built quickly.



Lions Kimba and Sofia were born in South Africa. They were then imported to a zoo in Argentina where their son Gino was later born.

Now, the family will journey 6,000 miles to a forever home and habitat here at The Wildcat Sanctuary, allowing them room to roam.

Coordinating and transporting big cats like lions is never easy! And when they’re coming from as far away as Argentina, you can imagine the cooperation needed between all parties.

We’ve been working diligently with the Buenos Aires Ecoparque in Argentina since early 2017 for the lions’ relocation. Argentina’s government has shifted its focus from a government-funded zoo to a compassionate eco-park.

They looked for a premiere sanctuary to become a new home for their lions. After visiting, they decided The Wildcat Sanctuary will be the perfect place for them to live wild at heart.


To help make this move happen soon for Kimba, Sofia and Gino, legendary Bob Barker and the DJ&T Foundation have offered the biggest matching opportunity in the sanctuary’s history – up to $150,000!

For every dollar donated, it will be matched!!

We’re so honored to receive such a special gift from a person who does so much for animals. His support is humbling and will inspire others to help.

We’d like to meet the $150,000 match by September 15th to ensure we’re well underway with habitat areas and heated bedrooms ready for this special family of lions.

If all goes well, up to four additional lions from other zoos will come later this fall.


  • 10 linear feet of habitat = $260
  • 50 linear feet of habitat = $1,300
  • 100 linear feet of habitat = $2,600
  • 200 linear feet of habitat = $5,200
  • 400 linear feet of habitat = $10,400

It will be so special to hear our 24-year-old lioness Shanti Deva’s roars answered by others of her kind.

Thank you for helping us make this happen quickly!


For those who give $2,600, your name will be inscribed on the lions’ central animal building.

For those who give $5,200, your name will be inscribed on the lions’ habitat plaque.

For those who give $10,400, your name will be on the lions’ habitat plaque AND you’ll be the first to meet the new residents in person!

Sponsorships are also available for $10,500 and above. Please email me at

All gifts matter when they go twice as far now.

Without you, we could never pull this off. With you, so much is possible!

Thank you to the DJ&T Foundation and the Marta Heflin Foundation for their generous support as ground-breaking members of the big cat habitat project.

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