You met the Miracle Match – Thank you!

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Thank you isn’t a big enough word to express my gratitude for what you have accomplished for the cats!

They are smiling today, because of YOU!

We are still processing all the amazing gifts but are confident we reached our goal of funding over 4 months of sanctuary operations!

As the years go on, we have to continually raise more money – because we are doing more, for more animals!

I’ll be honest, as we approached the end of the “Miracle Match” this year, I was worried that we wouldn’t meet our goal.As disappointed as it might be, I knew it would be okay because the animals would never go without.

Boy, I should have never underestimated all of YOU!As always you came through for them and us – and helped us exceed our goal, yet again!Thank you for loving them just as much as we do even if it’s from afar.
I am overwhelmed at just how lucky I am, not only to walk through the sanctuary and see the faces that we’ve rescued together, but also incredibly lucky to have all of you on this journey with me.

I have had the privilege of meeting some of you in person, others I have talked to on the phone, and many have written through Facebook. Some I have never met at all.But please know you are ALL a part of my heart, and definitely a part of The Wildcat Sanctuary.

Your commitment to Daisy, Shanti Deva, Cookie and all of the others shines through! They feel your love and support each and every day!


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