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Minnesota’s Wildcat Sanctuary breaks ground on Catio Town!


Minnesota’s Wildcat Sanctuary breaks ground on Catio Town!

The first ever of its kind for rescued hybrid and small wild cats

Please email Tammy Thies at [email protected] or call 320-245-6871

Sandstone, MN – The Wildcat Sanctuary breaks ground on Catio Town, a $1.2 million project to help rescue small and hybrid cats.

Exotic hybrid cats are all the rage, made especially popular by influencers and A-List celebrities. Their stunning beauty has caused overbreeding and impulse purchases. But too often, they end up homeless due to their unwanted behaviors and poor litter box habits.

Hybrid cats are a cross between a domestic cat and wild cat. They’re sold for thousands of dollars by breeders but are often surrendered or let loose by owners when they begin to show their wild side.

Early generations from the wild are illegal to own here in Minnesota, but the Sanctuary continues to see them bought and sold in our state.

Catio Town will include:

  • 5400 square feet of 10 indoor suites and 10 spacious outdoor catios
  • Dynamic year-round space with skywalks, water features, grass beds
  • Each suite has its own unique theme from the North Woods, Under the Sea, and even a Barbie Dream House theme
  • The new area can accommodate 50 cats for lifelong care
  • Central playroom for socialization

The Wildcat Sanctuary was the first sanctuary specializing in rescuing the smaller wildcats – including hybrids.  They’re receiving more and more calls from shelters, rescue groups and authorities, needing placement for hybrid cats and wanting an alternative to euthanasia.

Just this past year, The Wildcat Sanctuary was called on to rescue 24 Asian Leopard Cats (a small wild cat native to continental Asia) from a breeder with dozens of animal welfare violations and substandard living conditions. The breeder was notorious for selling wildcats and hybrids on the internet for thousands of dollars.

“This is truly the first of its kind for wild/domestic hybrid cats. Catio Town will provide a forever home to current and future small and hybrid cats who can’t otherwise be rehomed due to legalities and unwanted behaviors,” said Tammy Thies, Founder and Executive Director.

“We’ve already broken ground but still need to raise the final $240,000 by June 30th to complete this important project. Every amount counts and will be MATCHED (up to $100,000),” said Thies.

“As the crisis grows, we’re one of the few sanctuaries specialized in stepping up for these cats. We are currently a home for 50+ hybrids and 30+ small wild cats. Over the years, we’ve become far too familiar with the cycle these cats fall into. Sold for thousands of dollars as a pet, became too wild, no place to go.”

“For the cats who are lucky to come to the Sanctuary, they are given the life and care they deserve. We provide much needed vet care, dynamic habitats, companionship with their own kind, and ultimately, peace.”

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