Thank you for making Miracle Match a success!

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Thank you for making Miracle Match 2017 a huge success for the cats!  Because of you, we met our match!!!

As soon as we have final numbers, we will provide an update!


Miracle Match 2017 – Ended April 30th

Today, I’m asking for your help with an amazing matching challenge.

Generous donors have offered The Wildcat Sanctuary a $72,000 matching gift opportunity. That means for every dollar donated March 1st through April 30th – up to $72,000 – they’ll double it!

So please, won’t you send your most generous gift now when it counts the most? Then, why not share this opportunity with your friends, too? It’s such a fantastic way to double the hope and create a world of compassion for more wild cats in need right now.

Doesn’t it feel good to save a life? And the more lives we save together, the better it feels!

Donations can also be mailed for the cats to: The Wildcat Sanctuary, PO Box 314, Sandstone, MN 55072

With spring just around the corner, our Miracle Match fundraising campaign couldn’t come at a more needed time! 

It costs approximately $10,000 every year to care for a tiger. Taking in Zeke, Griffen, Dimitri and Pandora means we’ve made a potential financial commitment of nearly half a million dollars over their lifetimes.

During this Miracle Match campaign, your gift will go twice as far for cats like Pandora. A gift of $35 becomes $70, $100 becomes $200 and so on

Just think of how many big cat lives you can help when your gift is DOUBLED!!

Pandora has a troubling family history

At 13, we normally wouldn’t spay Pandora since she lives alone. But her sister and mother have already had to undergo emergency surgery at other sanctuaries due to pyometra and other infections of the uterus.  Her father sadly passed away recently after emergency exploratory surgery at another sanctuary, too.

We need to schedule Pandora in the spring for a surgical spay at the University of Minnesota, where she can receive specialized care. Your gift will help with her care, as well as that of the over 100+ wild cats here at the sanctuary.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity knowing your gift will be matched.  And a huge thank you for making double the miracles come true for cats like Pandora!


P.S. Please don’t ever underestimate what a gift can do!  $25 becomes $50 and will cover the cost of an important vaccination to prevent disease, $50 becomes $100 and can help feed a big cat!  Every gift counts.  Will you help the cats today?




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