Miracle Match brought Miracles!

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YOU DID IT!!!  You helped us meet not only the double match, but also the triple match!  Thank you!!!  And we raised not four, but five months of operating costs! 

You make miracles happen. Thank you for being a hero to the animals!

Can you imagine being born a wild animal, but someone tried to make you their household pet?  You weren’t fed a proper diet, your bones became fragile and some even broke.  All of your claws were removed so you couldn’t even scratch or groom yourself.  That’s how serval Scarlet’s life began.

Thankfully, her future will be much different now that she’s at The Wildcat Sanctuary.

And you can help. Our Miracle Match fundraising campaign helps us provide a second chance for cats like Scarlet!

Through April 30, generous donors will triple your gift the last week of Miracle Match – now up to $75,000! And an additional $25,ooo triple match has been added for the last week!

Just think of the wild cat lives you can help when your gift is TRIPLED!!

We know there are cats just like Scarlet still in need. Owning a serval is illegal in the state of Minnesota. But, as you can see, breeders will still sell to anyone, no matter if it’s legal or not. How sad for this little girl that life started this way.

She now has a forever home here at The Wildcat Sanctuary. She’ll move out into a habitat soon and we hope to introduce her to other servals so she can grow up as she should – wild at heart.  Creating Miracle Matches for our rescued residents is just as important as vet care and free-roaming habitats.  Companionship of their own kind is as good as it gets!

During Miracle Match, we’ll celebrate and share with you stories of cats that we’ve matched with their own kind, just like Scarlet. So make sure to check our Facebook page often.

It’s because of YOU, helping with campaigns like Miracle Match, that we can continue to provide a bright future and specialized care for EVERY cat that comes to TWS….and say YES to those still in need.

So please, won’t you send your most generous gift now when it counts the most? Then, why not share this opportunity with your friends, too? It’s such a fantastic way to double the hope and create a world of compassion for more wild cats in need right now.

Donations can also be mailed for the cats to:
The Wildcat Sanctuary,   PO Box 314,   Sandstone, MN   55072


P.S. Please don’t ever underestimate what a gift can do!

  • $25 becomes $50 and will cover the cost of an important vaccination to prevent disease
  • $50 becomes $100 and can help feed a big cat! 

Every gift counts.  Will you help the cats today?




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