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Thank you for everyone who donated to Miracle Match!  We are finalizing the numbers now and will be drawing a tour winner the first week of May.  Stay tuned!

If you have one cat at home, you know the annual expenses you face.

But what if you were talking about 120 wild cats?? Did you know that’s how many we have living at our sanctuary?

From little mouths to big mouths to feed, food alone makes up a huge amount of our budget. Whether a hybrid or a growing cougar kitten with special dietary needs, or a 400 lb lion, it costs a lot to keep those bellies full.

But wait…..there’s more!

Add to food costs the things we do to cater to each individual cat’s needs. From wellness exams to root canals, pools to perches, playmates to private suites…our goal is every cat here deserves to be treated as an individual, happy and healthy. And I know it’s your goal, too.

Since we receive no government support, it’s truly your donations that support these rescues.

An opportunity like this doesn’t come around often. And it would mean THREE times as much right now, so please hurry and don’t miss out!

Will you help us reach our goal of raising 4 months of operating costs by April 30th?


For cats like Gino, the sanctuary truly means a second chance. His parents were born on a game farm in South Africa, shipped to a zoo in Argentina where Gino was born. After closure of the zoo, Gino and his parents arrived at The Wildcat Sanctuary – their final and forever home.

Gino has a special condition caused by a Vitamin A deficiency that happened when he was young. Bone thickening puts pressure on the spinal cord causing neurological symptoms. This includes walking in circles, star gazing, being frightened of new spaces or closed spaces.

But here, Gino receives individualized care to give him the best life possible. From a customized medical plan to a specially designed habitat to meet his needs, behavioral training to keep his mind stimulated and focused, as well as a customized heated bedroom painted blue for calming and comfort.

Individualized care is what we do, but it’s expensive!

MIRACLE MATCH brings in our lion share of fundraising for the year. That’s why your support is needed and so appreciated. Now through April 30, your donation will be TRIPLED, tripling the difference you can make for so many like Gino. Generous donors will triple up to $60,000!

Having your gift matched now helps us provide a ‘wild at heart’ life for so many rescued cats here, and those still waiting to be rescued. Never doubt, your gift is truly life changing!

I hope you don’t miss this amazing opportunity, knowing your gift will go THREE times as far.  These cats look forward to each and every day because YOU cared enough to help.

And there’s more….

Ps. Every donor during our MIRACLE MATCH campaign will be entered in a drawing to win a very special behind-the-scenes private tour at the sanctuary! Since we’re not open to the public, this is a unique opportunity for one supporter to meet the residents. 


* All donors are entered into a drawing to WIN a Behind-the-scenes tour. One entry per person.

This experience is for two individuals, both must be 18 years or older. Winner will be announced on Facebook by May 5th, 2021.

This tour opportunity expires May 5th, 2022. Must be scheduled with sanctuary at least 2 weeks in advance. One night hotel stay at Grand Casino Hinckley included.  See below for more information.

Winners are responsible for their own airfare/transportation to and from the Sanctuary.

You and a guest will spend a day with founder Tammy Thies and one of  TWS’ Caretakers. You’ll learn what it takes to care for over 100 wild cats and meet our newest residents.

Your day experience will include learning how we prepare their meals, shadowing feeding, observing training and providing enrichment items to stimulate the cats, both mentally and physically.

If you can’t attend, we’ll give you your own private tour via Facebook ‘live.’  We’ll answer your questions and show you the cats you want to see. Either way you win.

If the winner cannot be reached by May 4th at 5 p.m., a new name will be drawn. The Behind-the-scenes tour must take place before 5/5/2022 and date/time to be coordinated with the Sanctuary. If you can’t donate at this time, but would still like to qualify for the drawing, please email your name, address, email, and phone to [email protected] with “Behind-the-scenes” in the subject line.

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