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Siblings Mansa and Leo were separated at a young age. Leo was sent to a different zoo and had been alone for quite some time as the only lion there. His roars went unanswered.


But that all changed when he was re-homed here to The Wildcat Sanctuary!

We were able to reunite Leo and Mansa. It was heartwarming seeing them both rubbing and vocalizing to each other. Leo’s roar could be heard across the sanctuary, and was answered by newly rescued lions Gino, Kimba and Sofia.

It’s a Miracle Match for the cats! Because when they can’t live free, we create friendships.

And you can help! Our MIRACLE MATCH fundraising campaign helps us provide a second chance for cats like Leo!

March1st through April 30, generous donors will DOUBLE YOUR GIFT – up to $75,000!

During our Miracle Match, your gift today will go twice as far:
$35 becomes $70
$100 becomes $200
 Just think of the wild cat lives you can help when your gift is DOUBLED!!


We know change can be scary for any rescued cat. That’s why creating miracle matches for them is so important! And we can’t do it without proper habitat space, indoor spacious rooms and plenty of outdoor enrichment to share. It’s a specialized and careful process. But in the end, seeing them play with their own kind is a feeling you just can’t describe.

Your support has helped us create Miracle Matches for so many. Lynx Aria and Bobcat Mondovi now play chase together through their elevated cat walks. Tigers Caesar and Logan splash together in their pool.  Cats that once lived alone, now have a new lease on life.

It’s because of YOU, donating to our MIRACLE MATCH, that we can continue to provide companionship and specialized care for EVERY cat that comes to TWS.

And say YES to those still in need.

During Miracle Match, we’ll celebrate and share with you stories of cats that we’ve matched with their own kind, just like Mansa and Leo. So make sure to check our Facebook page often.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity knowing your gift will be matched!  Thank you for making double the miracles come true for cats like Leo and Mansa.

So please, won’t you send your most generous gift now when it counts the most? Then, why not share this opportunity with your friends, too? It’s such a fantastic way to double the hope and create a world of compassion for more wild cats in need right now.

Donations can also be mailed for the cats to:
The Wildcat Sanctuary
PO Box 314
Sandstone, MN   55072

P.S. Please don’t ever underestimate what a gift can do!

  • $25 becomes $50 and will cover the cost of an important vaccination to prevent disease
  • $50 becomes $100 and can help feed a big cat! 

Every gift counts.  Will you help the cats today?




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