Mother Nature Network features Wildcat Sanctuary orphaned cougar kittens

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Orphaned cougar cubs get a second chance at The Wildcat Sanctuary

Cougar cub Snow is at home in her new sanctuary setting.

Photo: The Wildcat Sanctuary

When Fish and Wildlife officers in Washington rescued two orphaned cougar cubs, they weren’t exactly sure what to do with them.

Animal Planet reported, “The orphaned kittens were captured back in November 2015 when they were just a few months old. The entire capture of Snow was caught on film by the ‘Rugged Justice”s team — who happened to be in the right place, at the right time. Another kitten, now named Storm, was captured days earlier.”

Without their mom to teach them how to hunt, the cougar cubs are not releasable. There only chance at life is in a sanctuary. Luckily, The Wildcat Sanctuary stepped up.

“Saving these two wasn’t even a question,” said Director Tammy Thies in a press release. “We knew we had to step up and act quickly. Our first choice was that they both could’ve grown up in the wild. But, when that wasn’t possible, we’re happy to provide them a second chance at life here at The Wildcat Sanctuary.”

The cougar cubs have settled in at the sanctuary over the last several months and have bonded with two other orphaned cougar cubs named Blaze and Aspen. All four of them will move into a 15,000 square foot habitat at the sanctuary in the fall. They are now living as a family, wild at heart if not in body.

You can see the rescue of Snow on the episode of “Rugged Justice” that airs Aug. 25, on Animal Planet.

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