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New Food & Wellness Center!




Thank you to everyone who donated to our Food & Wellness Center Campaign! And a special thank you to our Founding Members!!

We will post progress photos here in the near future.

Help us build our new Food & Wellness Center!


Each cat who arrives at the sanctuary gets detailed, individualized care. That includes so much, especially their diets. Every meal, every day, is designed for their unique age, species, medical and nutritional needs.

When cheetah Kitu arrived with a history of inflammatory bowel disease, he and his brother needed a special diet. Each day, caretakers prepare boneless chicken, stripped beef and a commercial zoo diet mixed with fortiflora and milk thistle.

Kitu loves mealtime and chirps and purrs with approval to his caretakers.

Our number of cats have grown, even the amount of food we feed has grown. But did you know we haven’t grown our small food prep area since we arrived in Sandstone, Minnesota 16 years ago?

We want to make life even better for cats like Kitu.

Our new Food & Wellness Center will include:

  • Commercial kitchen with 2 wash areas and multiple food prep stations for efficiency
  • Electronic boards for updating diet, supplements and medications and for making daily observations
  • Enrichment Program inventory
  • High-efficiency washer and dryer to keep all the hybrid beds and linens clean
  • Custom food chutes added to indoor habitat walls to serve larger chunks of meat for more natural feeding and enrichment

Your donation today is critical for us to complete the Food & Wellness Center by Fall.  And we’re excited a generous donor will match up to $45,000, so your gift will help twice as much!

Every $25, $50 and $100 gift means so much. Our goal is to raise the $150,000 needed for this project by July 30th – will you help me and Kitu reach our goal?

For your $100 gift, you will receive cheetah Kitu’s pawprint and 4-color photo card!


Selecting the right diet is especially important for cats because of the unique way they break down food for energy. So, the simplest and most critical thing we can do to help rescued cats like Kitu is to provide them with nutritious food. Your support will do that!

P.S. Every gift makes a difference!  If you’re interested in sponsoring a portion of this project, gifts of $5,000 or more qualify you as a Founding Member. Feel free to email me at [email protected] or we can chat by calling 320-245-6871.

  • $10,000 – $24,999 – Recognition on Food & Wellness Center sign and in Uproar Magazine, plus a private feeding tour for 2
  • $5,000 – $9,999  – Recognition on Food & Wellness Center sign and in Uproar Magazine
  • $1000 – $4,999 – Recognition in Uproar Magazine


Your gift will go towards the Food & Wellness Center Fund.  Gifts will cover items like:

  • Stainless sink washing station – $1500 each
  • Commercial faucet sprayers – $450 each
  • Cutting tables – $2500 each
  • High capacity washer and dryer – $1200 each
  • Smart Screens for diets/meds – $1500 or more each
  • Stainless food chutes – $300 each
  • Your gift will also help us cover the cost of the floor drain, new epoxy floor, upgraded and water proof electric, etc.

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