No More Wild Pets Campaign


What is the No More Wild Pets©  Educational Campaign?

The Wildcat Sanctuary created the No More Wild Pets© campaign to increase public awareness about the captive wildlife crisis and decrease the number of wild animals being kept as pets. The campaign strives to inspire people to keep the wild in their heart, not their home, and advocates for adopting appropriate pets.

Find out the answers to the most commonly asked questions about No More Wild Pets HERE.

No More Wild Pets includes print and television PSAs, merchandising, partnership programs with dog and cat rescue groups, educational presentations for all ages, teacher tool kits and innovative approaches, including a local community scholarship and even a fun car-detailing campaign featuring Titan and Lilly, our TWS Ambassador tigers.  Contact us at if you would like to donate time or space to run our print, TV or radio PSAs.

How this campaign will make a difference?

A significant factor in making the wildlife trade possible is the general public’s lack of awareness of the captivI_am_an_appropriate_pete wildlife crisis and the dangers involved with private ownership of wild animals.  Through our educational efforts and our continuous public presence, TWS hopes to help create a world where there are no more wild pets and wild animal sanctuaries are no longer needed.

The Wildcat Sanctuary strongly believes that there is hope to end the captive wildlife crisis and it begins with education.

What is the goal of No More Wild Pets?

To decrease the number of wild animals kept as pets and increase adoption of appropriate pets.

How will the No More Wild Pets campaign spread virally?


Listen to the No More Wild Pets Radio Public Service Announcement here.

Thank you to HDMG for the creation of the PSA’s.


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Awareness through print ads, posters, brochures and 30 second Public Service Announcements NMWP_Outreach_Boothwill launch the campaign in June 2012. The campaign’s headline is “I am not man’s best friend.”  The copy reads: No More Wild Pets. Every year, thousands of big cats are sold as pets.  What happens to these animals is criminal. Some are abused or neglected, others are simply abandoned. All are denied their right to be wild.

The Wildcat Sanctuary hopes to change all that. Our mission is simple: to provide a natural sanctuary to wild cats in need and inspire change to end the captive wildlife crisis.  You can help.  Adopt an appropriate pet and keep the wild in your heart, not your home.

Merchandising such as t-shirts, temporary tattoos, bumper stickers, pet bandanas that say “I am an appropriate pet,” cause bracelets, No More Wild Pet pet tags and more will help spread the message at TWS’ outreach events.

OnLine is a destination for FAQs, downloadable flyers, exotic animal law information, stencils, programs for kids, coloring sheets, statistics, cat species of the world and more.  Watch in the coming months when No More Wild Pet activation tool kits will be available for purchase.

Online Pledge -The Wildcat Sanctuary will be rallying the public to go online and take the No More Wild Pets Pledge the last week of June 2012.  This call to action will have people pledge to keep the wild in their heart, not their home. It will also help raise much needed funds for The Wildcat Sanctuary to further its mission and education.  Supporters can also download No More Wild Pets Facebook Timeline cover images here.

Education– Outreach presentations will take No More Wild Pets to the schools and civic groups. Teacher tool kits offer a one-stop shop for classroom education. The education program also includes a $1500 college scholarship for a local student. There are several activities for kids to activate No More Wild Pets. The Wildcat Sanctuary Director and staff will be available for keynote speaking engagements, too.  We will share the No More Wild Pets message with MN vet clinics and rescue groups through our poster program.

PR Events – The Wildcat Sanctuary’s 25 vehicle tiger fleet will be roaming the streets spreading our important message.  Nationwide, people will be encouraged to go to and pledge to keep the wild in their heart, not their home.

Legislation – The Wildcat Sanctuary’s Director, Tammy Thies, will continue to consult, support and testify for exotic animal legislation. Banning private ownership of wild animals in individual states and at the federal level is key to this campaign.