Our Wish List

Libby the bobcat a former wild pet

Sanctuary Wish List

Amazon Wish List

There’s a wonderful way you can help the cats, and the keepers, by shopping for them this fun and easy way.  We keep an ongoing list of important needed items on our AMAZON WISH LIST you can view HERE.  We post it, and photos of the items being used, on our Facebook page, too.  If you haven’t joined our Facebook family yet, be sure to HERE so you can see the cats having a great time when their wish list items arrive.

Toys for the Cats

You can purchase toys for the cats HERE!

OnSite Vet Hospital List

  • X-ray generator = Porta 100HF portable x-ray unit $7500
  • X-ray processor = Scan X Trak computed radiography system $24,000
  • Scale = SRV949 $1944.00.  This scale can be used inside the cats indoor area for accurate weights.
  • General surgical pack – $482 each
  • In-house lab supplies = Fully stocked diagnostic lab $700 per month
  • Fully stocked pharmacy $2,200 per month


  • Hot Hands hand warmers
  • Toasty Toes feet warmers
  • Safe Paw ice melter
  • Silicon spray lubricant to keep hinges and locks from freezing
  • Butane Fuel for hand torches
  • Copy paper
  • Stamps
  • Coffee/hot chocolate for staff and volunteers
  • ink cartridges for printers/scanners
  • Fire hose cutting tool – Electric Rotary Cutter RSD – 100 $169.99
  • UTV Polaris Ranger 570
  • Skidsteer

Cruelty-Free General Supplies

Animals and the environment shouldn’t suffer from testing products and their ingredients.  Therefore, The Wildcat Sanctuary requests that all products donated be cruelty-free.  We have put together this quick reference shopping guide to make it easy for you to purchase great products for TWS and yourself.  Print the store guide here.

There are a few symbols that you should look for on all products:

recycleNo testcruelty fre


  • Hand Soap – Method, Seventh Generation, Caldrea J.R. Watkins, Mrs. Meyers, Avalon Organics, Attitude, Burt’s Bees, EO, Out of Africa, Aromatherapaes
  • Dish Soap– Seventh Generation, Earth Friendly Products, Clorox Green Works* Caldrea, J.R. Watkins Mrs. Meyers, Attitude, Ecover Ecological
  • All-purpose cleaner– Seventh Generation Clorox Green Works*, Caldrea J.R. Watkins Mrs. Meyers, Attitude, Carribean Mist, Shadow Lake Pure
  • Glass Cleaner– Clorox Green Works*, J.R. Watkins, Mrs. Meyers, Attitude, Earth Friendly Products
  • Napkins/Paper towels – Seventh Generation, Earth Friendly Products, Green Forrest, Marcal
  • Trash Bags– Seventh Generation, Bag to Nature, Stout Eco-Safe biodegradable compost
  • Kleenex– Seventh Generation, Green Forrest
  • Toilet Paper– Seventh Generation, Green Forrest, Marcal
  • High Efficiency Laundry Detergent– Seventh Generation, Ecos (Earth Friendly Products), Attitude, Clorox Green Works*, J.R. Watkins, Carribean Mist, Dropps
  • Sponges/Scrubbers– Caldrea, Scotch-Brite Greener Clean*
  • Hand Lotion– Eos, Alba, Eucerin, Seventh Generation, Johnsons Natural*, Beauty without cruelty lotions, Dessert Essence Organics lotions, J.R. Watkins, Organix, Burt’s Bees
  • Shampoo/Conditioner– Seventh Generation shampoo, Johnsons Natural lavender shampoo*, Earths Best shampoo and body wash, Organix shampoo and conditioner, Burts Bees shampoos and conditioners, Alba
  • Baby Wipes– Seventh Generation free and clear wipes, Nature baby care ecosensitive unscented wipes, Naty by Nature Babycare Ecosensitive Unscented baby wipes, Organyc Baby Sweet Caress Wipes
  • Wood cleaner– Howard Naturals wood cleaner and polish, Seventh Generation wood cleaner, Murphy Pure Vegetable Oil wood cleaner
  • Spot remover– Seventh Generation natural stain remover, Earth Friendly cleaning products stain remover
  • Light bulbs– General Electric Energy Smart CFL bulbs*, Earthmate CFL bulbs
  • Drain Cleaner– Earthworm Natural Enzyme based family safe drain cleaner, Earth Friendly Products Natural Earth Enzymes drain opener, Helping Hand Zip It drain cleaner
  • Toilet bowl cleaner– Clorox green works toilet cleaner*, Mrs. Meyers clean day toilet cleaner, Earth Friendly cleaning products toilet cleaner, Seventh Generation natural toilet bowl cleaner, J.R. Watkins Npooper_scooperatural Home Care toilet bowl cleanser
  • Copy paper– Aspen recycled copy paper, Splox recycled reamless paper, Universal recycled copy paper, Xerox business recycled paper, Ology bright white treeless copy paper
  • Cold/hot cups– Ecokloud compostable 12 and 16 oz. cups, Bare solo paper products
  • Paper plates– Bare solo paper products, Nature’s own green label paper plates